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Highway traffic safety studies have recently shown that texting or cell phone use while driving can create hazards similar to those presented by drunk drivers. If you have reason to believe that a distracted driver’s negligence played a role in your car wreck or motorcycle accident, contact an experienced Rock Hill car accident lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton for a complimentary strategy session.

Lawyers for Texting-While-Driving Claims in Rock Hill, SC

We work closely with our motor vehicle accident clients to develop the facts and evidence that can prove that driver distraction played a significant part in causing the accident. Your own observations can stand as valuable evidence.

In many types of car accident cases, the other driver will freely admit to talking on the phone, answering a text message, tuning a radio, plugging in an iPod. Whether or not the other driver later denies it, your testimony of what he or she told you will normally be admissible in court. Cell phone records can also establish the time and duration of a conversation or text message exchange.

A Distracted Driving Attorney Can Help You

This evidence not only helps establish the other driver’s negligence in a distracted driving accident case — it can also open the door for an award of punitive damages in much the same way that drunk drivers are exposed to punitive damages in DUI accident cases. Anyone can make a mistake, but people who invite disaster through higher degrees of carelessness can be made to pay the price in court.

The Rock Hill distracted driving accident attorneys at Schiller & Hamilton investigate and present damages claims under a wide range of distraction scenarios:

  • Cell phone calls
  • Texting while driving
  • Radio, CD or personal audio distractions
  • Overloaded cars, unruly children or noisy passengers
  • Eating, drinking, reading, dressing or applying makeup while driving

Never before have drivers had so many competing claims for their attention in traffic. If you suffered injuries through a vehicle accident caused by someone multitasking one task too many, our Rock Hill South Carolina accident lawyers can explain the steps to take in establishing negligence liability and proving the amount of your losses.

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Don’t wait to get the advice you need to protect your interests. For A Complimentary Strategy Session with an experienced Rock Hill personal injury lawyer, contact Schiller & Hamilton.

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