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Doctors may be forced to perform an emergency amputation after a personal injury, either immediately or in the days afterward. Anyone who suffers the loss of a limb will suffer a substantial amount of damage for the rest of their lives.

If you can prove that someone else was to blame for the accident that caused the amputation, then they may owe you a substantial amount of money. Before you can receive this check, you need to fight for it.

The Rock Hill amputation injury attorneys at Schiller & Hamilton can provide you with determined and vigorous legal representation in a personal injury case.

What Can Our Amputation Accident Lawyers Can Do to Help

There are two parts to every amputation injury case:

  • Proving that someone else wants to blame you for your injury
  • Obtaining the right amount of compensation for your case

Your lawyer will be instrumental in both phases of your injury case. The first thing that you need to do is come to the table with evidence that shows that someone else has a legal obligation to pay you compensation. To do this, you need physical evidence and testimony that proves what happened in your accident.

Then, you would need to understand the extent of your damages before you even approach the insurance company. Given the far-reaching effects that an amputation would have on the rest of your life, every dollar counts. Your lawyer may advise you to reject settlement offers that do not come close to fairly paying you for your injuries.

There is little that you can do on your own when you are dealing with such a traumatic and life-changing injury. Our loss of limb lawyers in Rock Hill are here to counsel you and handle all the details of your case, allowing you to focus on adjusting to your new situation.

Causes of Accidental Amputation

Someone can lose a limb in the immediate aftermath of any serious accident.

Trauma accounts for 45% of all amputations in the United States. A severe laceration can sever veins and blood vessels that send blood to the limb. The doctor may not be able to repair the veins and blood vessels sufficient to save the limp.

Alternatively, an accident victim can suffer a bone break that is so severe that it would lead to the loss of a limb. This is a common type of injury when a limb has been crushed in an accident.

Finally, the aftermath of the accident could leave the patient with a serious infection. The infection could spread throughout the rest of the body, and the doctor has no choice but to amputate them to save the patient.

In some cases, a limb that is no longer properly functioning can be at risk for infection. A patient can develop gangrene, which can put their life in danger. The doctor is forced to make a relatively quick decision to amputate to save the person’s life.

Accidents That Can Lead to Amputations

Any type of sudden trauma can cause an injury that can lead to either an immediate amputation or one that needs to happen in the days after the accident.

The following types of accidents may result in traumatic amputations:

  • Workplace accidents involving heavy machinery
  • Automotive accidents
  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Infections from nursing home neglect
  • Injuries from defective products
  • Electrocutions
  • Serious burns

No matter how you suffer the injury, the person or entity who was responsible for it would be obligated to pay you full financial compensation, and it could be considerable. Always hire an attorney to learn more about your legal rights.

How Amputations Are Treated

Once a limb is amputated, the patient would need to learn to live a new life without the use of that limb. If the limb was a leg, the patient may need to relearn to walk with the help of a prosthetic, if they can even walk it all. If they had lost an arm, they may not be able to perform physical tasks, such as the job that they were doing before the injury. Patients are often subject to long periods of physical therapy and rehabilitation to adjust to their new life without the limb.

Available Damages from an Amputated Limb

Lives are changed permanently by the loss of a limb. You may not be able to work as you did before the injury. If your job involves any type of physical activity, the loss of a limb could mean that you are not able to work again in your chosen field. You may only be able to perform a limited physical activity that reduces your earnings capacity.

Further, you would also suffer severe psychological effects because your body has undergone such a dramatic change. Thus, your non-economic damages from the loss of the limb would also be considerable.

Not only can you be paid for the actual economic losses that you have suffered, but you are also compensated for the non-economic effects of your injury. These include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Embarrassment and humiliation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Emotional distress

Insurance companies cannot understate and deny the amount of agony that you may be going through after an amputation. Regardless, you would still need an experienced personal injury lawyer to tell your story to make sure they fully understand what your life is like now.

Contact a Rock Hill Amputation Injury Attorney Today

No matter how difficult it may be for you in the aftermath of an amputation accident, you still need to reach out and take the first step to contact an attorney. The legal team at Schiller & Hamilton is standing by and ready to help you fight for every dollar that you deserve after your amputation.

We offer free consultations to prospective clients. Schedule yours by sending us a message through our website or by calling us today at 843-379-5006. You owe us nothing unless you win your case.

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