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Mass torts lawyers seek compensation for several plaintiffs who have suffered harm because of the same defendant. When a dangerous drug, defective safety equipment, environmental poisoning, or other negligent event harms many, Schiller & Hamilton help victims get justice.

A mass torts lawyer from Schiller & Hamilton can help you or a loved one who has suffered harm along with other plaintiffs. If you have questions about your eligibility or want to join a mass tort, we want to hear from you.

Types of Mass Torts Schiller & Hamilton Handles

Our mass tort lawyers understand the unique considerations of this case type. While a mass tort is similar to a class action lawsuit in some ways, we must value each individual’s unique damages when handling a mass tort.

For example, if the toxic ingredient glyphosate in the weed killer Roundup caused fatal cancer in one plaintiff and a non-fatal illness in another, those two plaintiffs will likely have different damages. Our firm sorts out the details for each plaintiff so we can seek a fair settlement amount.

Schiller & Hamilton handles various mass tort cases, including:

  • Defective products: There are several cases involving plaintiffs who suffered an injury because of a defective product. 3M earplugs are one example of a lawsuit in which plaintiffs sued because the product failed to fulfill its intended purpose, and harm (hearing loss and tinnitus) resulted from the defect.
  • Defective and dangerous drugs: The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains a list of drugs recalled due to defects. If you or a loved one took any of these drugs, from Zantac to metformin, you may pursue a mass tort with our firm’s help.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: Motor vehicle accidents with several victims, including bus accidents, may lead to a mass tort. 
  • Aircraft and boat accidents: Aircraft and boat accidents sometimes affect numerous victims, making them events suitable for a mass tort.
  • Toxic substance cases: Unsafe waste disposal and toxic consumer products are two instances that could warrant a mass tort. The finding that Roundup is unsafe for consumers is one example of this case type.

You do not have to determine if a mass tort is right for you. If you or a loved one suffered harm and you believe someone else is at fault, a mass torts lawyer from Schiller & Hamilton will review your case. We can determine if a mass tort, individual lawsuit, or other legal action fits your situation.

What Are the Benefits of Mass Torts?

A mass tort potentially allows many plaintiffs to get justice efficiently. Courts allow mass torts because:

  1. In many cases, several (even hundreds or thousands) of plaintiffs suffered harm because of the same plaintiff and similar circumstances.
  2. Combining plaintiffs’ lawsuits into a single (or several) legal proceeding saves time and resources. 

Mass torts allow the court to value individuals’ unique losses rather than providing each plaintiff with the same compensation amount. Furthermore, mass torts help prevent contradictory judgments that may further complicate the legal process.

A mass tort may allow a defendant to legally account for any harm they have caused while allowing plaintiffs to get fair compensation for their damages.

Should I Hire a Mass Torts Lawyer?

There are several reasons to hire a mass torts lawyer. We find that plaintiffs who are eligible for mass tort litigation:

  • Face an important recovery period: If you are eligible for a mass tort, you likely suffered harm. If that harm is an injury, illness, or losing a loved one, you may still be recovering (or fighting an illness). This means you may have little time or energy to lead a legal case.
  • Have little legal experience: Most of our mass tort clients are not lawyers. They do not have the legal experience or knowledge that Schiller & Hamilton does. Therefore, we encourage them to let us handle their legal needs.
  • Deserve compensation but aren’t necessarily prepared to fight for it: Though someone eligible for a mass tort may deserve compensation, that compensation will not be handed to them. Our mass tort lawyers will handle every step of your case and demand the compensation you deserve.

We are a full-service legal team that leaves nothing to chance. We will update you regularly about your case as the legal process moves forward. 

Why Choose a Mass Torts Lawyer from Schiller & Hamilton to Represent You?

Our attorneys offer:

  • More than 20 years of legal experience, which includes many mass tort cases
  • A strong reputation among our former clients, who praise our client services and work ethic
  • The handling of your entire case and making decisions based on what is best for you

When you seek an attorney who will protect your rights and interests, you can turn to Schiller & Hamilton.

Recoverable Damages We See in Mass Tort Cases

Those who join a mass tort may be seeking compensation for:

  • Medical expenses: Healthcare costs are common losses in mass tort cases. These costs can be great, especially when someone is living with a serious illness, severe injury, or fatal condition.
  • Pain and suffering: Plaintiffs in mass tort litigation can seek compensation for physical pain, lost quality of life, emotional distress, and other types of pain and suffering. 
  • Lost income: Those who suffer injuries or illness often lose income.
  • Other damages: Each mass tort plaintiff is unique. We’ll evaluate your damages, assign a monetary cost to each, and demand that liable parties cover the cost of these damages.

Our team will complete a detailed investigation of your damages. As we craft your settlement target, we’ll account for both present and future damages.

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Having a mass torts lawyer on your side can be a great relief. Our team will work diligently to calculate your damages, file your case, and resolve your legal matter so you can move forward in life.

Call Schiller & Hamilton today for your free consultation. Don’t wait to call, as various time constraints may put us up against the clock.

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