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When manufacturers and retailers distribute unsafe products, the consumer pays the price. Unfortunately, this price can include injuries, illnesses, and even death. If you or a loved one has suffered harm because of a defective product, Schiller & Hamilton will fight for the compensation you deserve.

A defective product lawyer from our firm will make your financial recovery their mission. Our team has the financial resources and experience a client looks for in a law firm, and we’re ready to start your case today.

Why Choose Schiller & Hamilton to Seek Justice for a Defective Product?

Before you hire a law firm to lead your defective product case, you should be confident in that firm’s ability to get the compensation you deserve. You should also feel strongly that the firm will value your case and treat you respectfully.

There are several reasons to believe a product liability attorney from Schiller & Hamilton will provide professional legal service and client care, including:

  • Our reputation among former clients: Our legal team is proud of the testimonials we have earned from former clients. Truthfully, though, we expect every client we serve to have a positive experience—we hold ourselves to a high standard. 
  • Our case results: When you complete your free consultation, you can ask our team member about our case results for other defective product users. Our financial recoveries in similar cases may give you confidence that we can deliver the compensation you deserve.
  • Our roster of experienced, dedicated defective product lawyers: We employ several lawyers who are committed to getting justice for people harmed after using defective products. Cases like yours are an important part of our firm’s practice areas, and we will pair you with an attorney who, in our belief, is best positioned to represent you.
  • Our firm’s financial resources: Schiller & Hamilton has more than 20 years of experience representing accident victims like you. Over this term, we have won many cases and put our firm on strong financial footing. This means we can consult with expert witnesses, go to trial, and complete defective product cases.

When you hire Schiller & Hamilton, you pay nothing up front. Our firm covers the entire cost of completing your case. If we get compensation for you, our team receives a percentage of the recovery. If you don’t receive compensation, we don’t receive anything. This way, we have every reason to get the money that you deserve. 

Client Testimonials for Schiller & Hamilton’s Legal Team

Our client testimonials provide further reason to trust a defective product lawyer from Schiller & Hamilton:

  • “It was excellent. Mr. Schiller was the bomb. He was very helpful, always checked in with us, and we were very pleased. Mr. Schiller always calls back in a timely manner. He was very organized and always listened to us.” – Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, former clients
  • “These guys are amazing. When I had nowhere else to turn, Bennett Schiller and his paralegal Donna Cooper, were there. They handled my case fantastically. I was in a terrible situation and they saw me through. “ – Crystal M., former client
  • ““I believe customer service is the most important aspect of any business to be successful. I have received nothing but great customer service from the Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm.” – Tarsha M., former client

Don’t wait to put our firm on your case. We’ll work diligently to get the compensation you deserve as soon as possible.

Recoverable Damages for Victims of Defective Products

Whether you are the victim of a defective medical device, consumer good, or another type of defective product, injuries and illnesses can cause serious damage. We often see defective product victims in South Carolina suffer:

  • Professional damages: Injury or illness from a defective product can cost you income, bonuses, earning power, and other benefits of your work. The longer you are injured or sick and unable to work as usual, the more professional benefits you may lose.
  • Pain and suffering: Your pain and suffering can include physical pain, psychological and emotional distress, lost quality of life, and any clinical conditions that have resulted from your injury, illness, or loss of a loved one.
  • Medical expenses: Any medical bills related to a defective product should entitle you to compensation.
  • Disability-related damages: If a defective product has caused you or a loved one to become disabled, we will seek compensation for mobility devices, changes to your home, a disability-friendly vehicle, and permanent loss of income.

In the most heartbreaking cases, defective products cause victims to pass away. If you have lost a loved one because of a defective product, we’ll seek to recover money for funeral expenses, loss of companionship, loss of guidance, and any other damages resulting from your loss.

How Schiller & Hamilton Will Seek Your Settlement or Judgment in South Carolina

Our team will handle every step of your defective product case in South Carolina, including:

Establishing Liability

Liable parties in a defective product case may include:

  • The product manufacturer 
  • The product seller
  • Another party that exposed you to a defective product

The team at Schiller & Hamilton will identify those who owe you compensation for your damages.

Building the Foundation of Your Case

We will gather evidence and documentation that serves as the foundation of your case. We may secure evidence that shows:

  • The product that harmed you was dangerous.
  • Liable parties failed to inform you of this danger.
  • The defect in the product caused you harm.

We’ll also gather documentation proving your damages. Such documentation may include:

  • Medical records
  • Proof of lost income
  • Testimony from a mental health professional, doctors, and other experts
  • Your account of your damages

Each defective product case is different. Schiller & Hamilton will build the strongest case we can based on the facts of your unique circumstances.

Negotiating a Settlement

Our attorneys will fight for the settlement you deserve. We expect a fight from liable parties. When you hire Schiller & Hamilton, you hire a firm that exists to win for our clients. We’re ready to present evidence, prove your damages, and pursue every dollar that you are entitled to receive.

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A defective product lawyer from Schiller & Hamilton will seek the maximum financial recovery that your damages entitle you to. We are familiar with civil courts throughout South Carolina, and defective product cases are comfortable territory for our attorneys.

Call Schiller & Hamilton today for your free consultation. Don’t wait to call. S.C. Ann. § 15-3-530 generally limits our window for filing personal injury and wrongful death cases.

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