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Our South Carolina car accident lawyer has helped many people recover fair compensation after life-changing crashes. We understand that rollover accidents are a uniquely frightening and dangerous type of event for which you deserve to hold the liable party accountable.

A lawyer from Schiller & Hamilton would be happy to help you build and fight your rollover accident case in South Carolina. We have been assisting personal injury survivors throughout South Carolina, including in your community, for over 25 years.

Economic and Non-Economic Rollover Accident Damages

Economic damages and non-economic damages are the two kinds of compensation you can recover for a rollover accident (or any kind of personal injury).

Economic damages are, simply put, the financial harm you have suffered as a result of the accident. We commonly pursue economic damages for:

  • Loss of income and earning capacity, to cover both the wages you have already lost and the money you are likely to lose in future
  • Loss of benefits, such as healthcare or pension payments
  • Property damages, especially to your vehicle
  • Medical costs, to cover both short- and long-term treatment for your injuries

Non-economic damages refer to the physical and emotional injuries you sustained. Examples include:

  • Pain and suffering, including both physical and mental distress stemming from the accident
  • Impaired quality of life, if you cannot do everything you used to do on either a temporary or permanent basis
  • Disability, including both intellectual and physical loss of ability
  • Disfigurement caused by obvious and/or painful scarring

Calculating Your Economic and Non-Economic Damages

In a lawsuit, you need to be as specific as possible when requesting compensation. In short, you will have to provide the insurance company with an exact dollar amount and then justify that amount through evidence.

Schiller & Hamilton can calculate your economic damages by looking at your bills and receipts, reviewing your tax filings, and asking experts like doctors or economists to give informed opinions about the financial future you face.

Quantifying non-economic damages is not as straightforward, but we can use personal statements and legal formulas to come up with the right amount for you.

Our Rollover Accident Lawyers Can Work Fast

There are several deadlines you will have to meet throughout your case, but the first and most urgent is the statute of limitations. This law, found at S.C. Ann. § 15-3-530, states that plaintiffs must file a person injury case within three years or risk forfeiting their right to compensation.

We encourage you to contact our South Carolina rollover accident lawyer as soon as possible so that you do not risk losing your chance to file a lawsuit. Our team does everything we can to help our clients succeed. That includes:

  • Providing everyone who calls our office with a free, confidential case review
  • Helping clients understand their rights and responsibilities as plaintiffs in a legal action
  • Investigating the rollover accident and gathering evidence such as police reports, photographs of the scene, and witness testimonies
  • Filling out and submitting all paperwork related to the case in a timely and organized manner
  • Relaying messages between our client and the liable party’s team so that our clients do not have to deal with the insurance company directly
  • Meeting with the insurance company to negotiate a pretrial settlement
  • Fighting for a jury award at trial, if your case goes to court
  • Keeping an eye on the defense’s behavior and ensuring they do not try to violate your rights (e.g., by asking for a recorded statement)

We tailor our services to meet each client’s specific needs. Whatever legal tasks need to get done, you can rely on Schiller & Hamilton to do them—and to keep you informed every step of the way.

Documenting Your Rollover Accident

Rollover car accidents can be especially violent and cause catastrophic injuries. Always prioritize your health after a collision by calling 911 and seeking emergency care as necessary. You should also make sure that everyone else involved in the crash gets the help they need.

If you are well enough to walk and operate a phone following your accident, you can start documenting the scene and collecting evidence that may help you with your lawsuit. Useful materials include:

  • Photographs: Cell phones make it easy to quickly snap pictures of your injuries, the damage to your vehicle, and the environment in which the rollover occurred.
  • Video: Similarly, video can give us a better idea of what the area looked like at the time of the accident. It may also point us towards new sources of evidence: for example, if we notice a surveillance camera in your footage, we can find out who owns the camera and review their footage for additional evidence.
  • Witness contact info: If anyone else was around when your accident happened, ask for their names and contact information. Our team can then go interview them about what they saw, heard, and did.
  • Driver contact info: If there was another car involved in the crash, talk to the driver, make sure they are unhurt, and get their name and insurance information. This makes it easier for us to find them when we are ready to file your suit.

Save these materials and share them with us when you come in for your first meeting. We can use such documentary evidence to bolster your case against the liable party, no matter who they are.

What if I Could Not Document My Accident?

Again, we understand how catastrophic rollovers can be. If you did not think to collect such evidence, or if you were unable to do so because of your injuries, you can still pursue your case. Our team can go back and collect these and similar forms of evidence to prove your need for damages.

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Schiller & Hamilton is here to answer any questions you have about how our South Carolina rollover accident lawyer can assist you through this difficult time. Contact our firm today and get a free case evaluation from a member of our team.

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