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One of, if not THE most difficult aspects of cases in Family Court involves custody and visitation of minor children. Whether the parents are going through a divorce or separation, or were never married but are going through a custody battle, the welfare and best interests of minor children is of the utmost importance to the Family Court. Of course, our Rock Hill family lawyers share this view, as well as know the importance of our clients’ deeply rooted convictions when it comes to their children. Adding more complexity to custody and visitation matters is the fact that even if a parent is a great parent, the Family Court may determine that the best interests of the minor children is to have them be in the other parent’s custody.

When it comes to visitation schedules, the Family Court’s “standard visitation” may work for your family…or it may not work at all. In today’s world, people are relocating all over the world; perhaps you need a non-traditional schedule in order to protect your parent-child relationship. New technologies like video chat, for example, have become a popular addition to physical visitation for families separated by vast distances.

Unfortunately, during the stress of legal action concerning your child, parents are often hindered by focusing their attention on “winning” or using their children as bargaining chips. It’s important for parents to remember that their children are often aware of many of these issues and that they are all too often the victims of their parents’ actions. Many times, a Guardian ad Litem will have to be appointed to represent the best interests of the minor children when parents cannot agree on custody and visitation.

How a Rock Hill Child Custody Attorney Might Help

Whether assisting parents negotiate and find solutions that best serve their individual family in regards to a custody agreement and visitation schedule, or litigating for a parent in a contested custody battle, we put the best interests of our clients and their children above all else. Standard custody and visitation arrangements may not work for your family, and you may need a fresh perspective as to your options in finding the best for you and your children. If you are going through or facing a situation involving child custody or visitation, give us a call today for an in-depth consultation.

For more information on Child Custody & Visitation, an in-depth initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling a Rock Hill child custody lawyer today.

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