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Any time that you are facing the proposition of being in Family Court, you must deal with highly emotional and sensitive issues. These issues are often some of the most important things in our lives: our marriages, our children, and our financial stability.

Having a Rock Hill family lawyer represent you during these trying times is often a necessity with the adversarial model of you vs. them, as well as the ever-changing and often difficult-to-navigate Family Court system. However, hiring the right family law attorney can make all of the difference in the world. You want someone who can provide experience and advice that you can trust, as well as the personal attention and compassion often overlooked by today’s Family Court attorneys.

Common Types of Family Law Cases in Rock Hill

The vast majority of family law cases are those that involve either separation or divorce. South Carolina has five different grounds for divorce, four fault-based grounds: Adultery, Physical Cruelty, Abandonment, and Habitual Drunkenness. We also have a non-fault ground of One Year’s Continuous Separation or what some people call a one-year trial separation. Another cause of action in South Carolina is Separate Support and Maintenance.

In South Carolina, you can’t file for divorce unless you allege a fault-based ground or have been separated for more than one year. The action of Separate Support and Maintenance allows people to seek temporary and final distribution of their assetschild custody and visitation arrangements, and temporary or permanent spousal support, all while being separated; these actions parties can resolve all of the issues of their marriage, except for the actual divorce itself.

The remaining family law cases we often see are those to establish or modify custody, visitation, and support. In South Carolina, we can typically modify an existing order that has to do with a minor child, such as child support, child custody, and child visitation, as long as there has been a substantial and material change of circumstances. Our family lawyers in Rock Hill also do adoptions, mostly with stepparents and family members, as well as name changes, termination of parental rights, enforcement of court orders, and some of the other smaller actions within family court.

Effective Settlements & Mediation Attorneys in Rock Hill, SC

Many clients find that a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities in divorce and other family law problems can open the door toward an effective settlement strategy that can save the need to present your case to a judge. Other people will find that there’s no avoiding the need to take the strongest possible case to court. Our Rock Hill family lawyers can give you the advice you need to settle disputes whenever possible but protect your interests in court whenever necessary.

Each client we serve has a different situation with a different set of needs and wants, and we make sure that every client gets the personalized representation they need, with the attention and care they deserve. Our goal is to assist our clients in resolving any family court issues as amicably as possible, and we provide trusted advice and guidance to assist those clients in finding the best solutions for their family. Unfortunately, not all cases can be resolved through settlement, and in those situations, we represent our clients with the Family Court litigation experience necessary to protect their interests.

Free Consultation in Rock Hill, SC

We understand this is a challenging time for you and your family. Whether you are dealing with an upcoming divorce and/or child custody issues, this is not the time to shell out a lot of money for legal guidance and support.

Our Rock Hill family law team is here to provide assistance when you take advantage of our free case evaluation. During this initial consultation, we can listen to the details of your story and provide your best possible legal options. We want to help your family through this process and get on the path to an agreement both sides can live with and move forward. 

Consult a Rock Hill Family Attorney for Help With Each Step

If you need help with any case before the Family Court, or just want to gain some insight into your specific situation, want information to prepare for a Rock Hill divorce, or want to know your rights or responsibilities, call a Rock Hill family lawyer today for an in-depth consultation to discuss your options and begin finding solutions.

For more information on Family Law Practice In Rock Hill, an in-depth initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling today.

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