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The rental car companies present in Rock Hill are Enterprise and Hertz. Commonly, there are commercial uses and there are rental companies that specialize in this service, but it does not necessarily have to be through one of those companies to be a rental car.

For instance, there are car-sharing apps where someone can do short-term rentals for someone’s vehicle. It is almost like Uber; only they do not need a driver, just a car. That also counts as a rental vehicle, as does any time they are a permissive user of a vehicle in return for some money.

If you have been injured in a car wreck involving a rental vehicle, you might be eligible for compensation. A dedicated Rock Hill rental car accident lawyer could help you get the recovery that you deserve. Contact an experienced car accident attorney today.

Does Insurance Coverage Differ Between Typical Car Crashes and Rental Car Accidents?

Insurance coverage does not differ between a typical car accident and a rental car wreck. Insurance follows the driver, so if someone is insured, they would be insured if they are driving a rental car as well. If they are not insured or if they wish to purchase additional coverage, they can do so through the rental company, but the rule is that the coverage will follow the driver. Most liability policies will cover a normal rental car situation. It is on the one renting the vehicle to provide proof of their insurance at the time that they rent the vehicle.

However, sometimes there are actually two layers of coverage, called excess liability because the driver might be covered under their own policy and then purchase the additional coverage through the rental company. In this situation, there could be a bit of a conflict between the insurance companies.

By hiring a rental car accident lawyer in Rock Hill, an individual could have a seasoned legal professional who could deal with the insurance companies to ensure the injured victim’s best interests are protected.

Fact Patterns Surrounding Rental Car Accidents

Rental car wrecks are not uncommon in Rock Hill. There is a high volume of rental cars in the area due to the many people traveling. The common causes of rental car wrecks are similar to other car crashes. This includes distracted driving and committing a traffic violation. Individuals involved in a rental car collision may not be used to the vehicle they are driving, which can also lead to an accident.

Common Injuries Following Rental Car Wrecks

Rental car accidents are no different from the scope of injuries that can be suffered in any type of car wreck. It ranges from the less severe moderate injuries and soft tissue injuries all the way to fatal injuries or catastrophic injuries. After a wreck, it is crucial for the individuals involved to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Once the person is treated, they should contact a Rock Hill rental car wreck lawyer.

Contact a Rock Hill Rental Car Accident Attorney

An accomplished Rock Hill rental car accident lawyer could help you recover damages after a crash. If you or a loved one were injured in a collision involving a rental vehicle, contact a well-versed attorney today to get started on your claim.

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