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All car accidents in Rock Hill have the potential to be serious, but collisions involving teens and young people can be especially devastating. Novice drivers are often unprepared to respond to an emergency situation, and their age means the impact of a crash could be felt for years to come. Fortunately, young accident victims may be able to seek fair compensation with help from a Rock Hill teen driver accident lawyer.

Common Fact Patterns in Teen Driver Accidents

In Rock Hill, teen driving accidents may be more likely to occur in some of the higher-volume corridors, like Celanese Road or Cherry Road. An inexperienced driver may not have the skills required to navigate heavy traffic, which can lead to wrecks in those areas. They may not remember to check their blind spot prior to changing lanes, or they may not be accustomed to the distances required for safe braking.

Additionally, young drivers may not be able to anticipate the movements of other drivers, and their defensive driving skills may be underdeveloped. That inexperience, combined with distraction from cellphones or friends, can cause serious accidents.

Speeding is another major cause of teen driving accidents. As new drivers learn the limits of their vehicles, they may not be aware of the risks involved with driving at excessive speeds and are more likely to drive recklessly, speed, or even race.

Accident Prevention and Response

Parents need to spend as much time with their children as possible as they learn how to operate a vehicle safely. They need to make sure that their teenagers treat driving as a serious responsibility. Parents should take the keys away if they suspect or observe that their child is not driving safely or is endangering others.

After a car accident, drivers should first make sure they are in a safe location where they will not cause another accident. They should then seek medical attention and call the police so that an accident report can be completed. They should not engage or speak with any insurance companies before first consulting with a lawyer.

Unique Aspects of Teen Driver Crash Cases

Unfortunately, when insurance companies see a very young driver’s age on an accident report, there is going to be a bit of an effect. That younger person may not be given the benefit of doubt like a more experienced driver.

Additionally, personal injury cases involving young people can involve unique considerations and processes. In South Carolina, teen driver accident lawyers are required to do certain things to make sure that the interests of the child are being protected. If the child is going to net more than a certain amount of money, for example, a court must approve a settlement over $2,500. That process is even more daunting if the settlement amount is more than $10,000 because it then requires the creation of a conservatorship.

Contact a Rock Hill Teen Driver Accident Attorney

The injuries sustained in a car accident have the potential to dramatically alter an individual’s life, especially when the victim is a young driver. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, emotional trauma, and more, but these cases can quickly become complex. For this reason, many parents choose to rely on the services of a Rock Hill teen driver accident lawyer. To discuss your case and your options, call Schiller & Hamilton.

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