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A rear-end collision is when one vehicle hits another vehicle from behind. Rear-end car accidents usually occur when a driver is unable to stop when the need arises and then crashes into the vehicle ahead of them. Drivers are required to keep a proper lookout and to keep an assured distance from the vehicle in front of them.

If a rear-end crash occurs, it is usually because of negligence on behalf of the driver from behind. If a driver had been keeping a proper lookout and if they had an assured distance based on the circumstances, the rear-end collision would likely not have occurred.

A Lancaster rear-end collision lawyer could help you recover compensation if you were injured in a wreck. Call today and schedule a consultation with a seasoned car accident attorney.

Common Fact Patterns Associated with Rear-End Car Accidents

Rear-end collisions usually happen on busy streets with significant traffic. People may be in a hurry and a lack of patience on the road could cause a crash. Someone may be stopped at a stoplight, and the driver behind them could run into the back of their vehicle. Distracted driving is also a common cause of a rear-end car accident. A person who is looking at their phone may not stop in time if they look up and see a vehicle in front of them.

Rear-end collisions can lead to severe injuries that include:

Assigning Fault After a Rear-End Collision

In rear-end collisions, the fault is generally attributed to the person who is hitting the other vehicle from behind because drivers are required to keep a proper lookout and to follow at a safe distance. If they do so, they would be able to stop to avoid a collision if the driver in front of them suddenly has to stop. When there are busy streets, the gap between cars closes so cars should be traveling more slowly.

It is challenging to argue comparative negligence in rear-end collisions unless someone has lights that are not working, such as brake lights or turn signals. Insurance companies will certainly attempt to make that claim, but that does not mean the law agrees with them. A rear-end collision lawyer in Lancaster could argue against the insurance company’s claims and help the injured victim recover the damages they deserve.

Gathering Evidence

A Lancaster rear-end car accident lawyer will establish liability by gathering as much information regarding the case as quickly as possible. They will look for the police report, collect pictures, get witness statements, and look for video footage. It is crucial to preserve this evidence immediately. If evidence is not collected as soon as possible, it may disappear and the injured party may lose out on their opportunity to recover compensation.

A Lancaster Rear-End Collision Attorney Could Help

A Lancaster rear-end collision lawyer could assist you with your claim if you were injured in a car wreck. An accomplished attorney could gather evidence, calculate damages, negotiate a settlement, and if need be, file a lawsuit. Call today and let a well-versed legal professional from Schiller & Hamilton fight for you.

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