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Large commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers are some of the longest and heaviest vehicles on the roads. These vehicles span the length of several passenger cars, creating visibility challenges for the truck operator. The areas surrounding a truck that has limited visibility are known as blind spots.

When truck operators carelessly change lanes or decelerates their vehicle without checking their blind spots, severe accidents could occur. These accidents often lead to severe or even permanent injuries. It could be possible to seek compensation for these injuries by working with a seasoned truck accident attorney to file a civil claim. Speak to a Lancaster blind spot truck accident lawyer to learn about the type of damages you may be eligible to recover.

Large Truck Blind Spots

There are blind spots on each side of an 18-wheeler. However, these blind spots are not uniform in size. Understanding where these blind spots are can be valuable for other motorists, as they represent the most dangerous are to drive.

The first blind spot is directly in front of the cab of the truck. It extends 20 feet forward from the bumper of the truck and shares the same width as the commercial vehicle. Most cars are lower to the ground than trucks, leaving them obscured behind the truck hood.

There are additional blind spots on each side. The blind spot on the passenger’s side is much larger than the driver’s, as the truck operator does have some limited ability to see traffic on their side. The driver’s side blind spot extends from below the driver’s window to the end of the truck, while the entire passenger side of the truck is a blind spot.

The final area to be aware of is directly behind the trailer. Even with wide mirrors, it is impossible for an operator to see the area following the truck. This area is dangerous as truck operators might not be aware of drivers in their blind spot if they stop short.

Comparative Negligence in a Blind Spot Accident

In Lancaster, a legal theory known as modified comparative negligence governs truck accident claims. This theory applies when both vehicles involved in the crash share fault. This theory serves to limit the recovery of a plaintiff that is partially responsible for an accident.

In each case, the jury will make a determination regarding which party is at fault. When both parties share in the blame, the jury will assign a percentage of fault to both sides. If a plaintiff is 50 percent or more responsible, the jury may not award them damages. The jury will also reduce a plaintiff’s compensation by the degree of their responsibility if they are less than 50 percent at fault.

In a truck accident, a motorist could share in the fault of the crash if they remain in a truck’s blind spots. Many large vehicles have notices posted on the exterior of their trucks warning of the risks of a blind spot. These notices do not completely absolve a truck operator of driving carefully. A skilled Lancaster lawyer could advise a person injured in a blind spot truck accident if they have a strong claim for damages.

Contact a Lancaster Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a blind spot truck accident, it is best to seek help from a legal professional as soon as possible. You have the right to seek compensation from the party that caused you harm.

Following a collision, reach out to a Lancaster blind spot truck accident lawyer for help with your case. Get started today.

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