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Every year, thousands of people are injured or even killed in collisions with motor vehicles. Injuries sustained in these incidents can be devastating, because people have no protection against much larger and faster motor vehicles.

If you or a loved one was hit by a car, a Lancaster pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to hold the negligent driver accountable for the damages they caused. An experienced personal injury attorney could investigate the events that led to an incident and build a strong and compelling claim for compensation.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Incidents

Pedestrian accidents often arise from the same circumstances that lead to motor vehicle accidents. Whether drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, driving while overly tired, violating traffic laws, or distracted, their negligence can lead to accidents that result in catastrophic injuries. In many situations, these drivers are well-protected by their durable vehicle frames, airbags, and seatbelts, but an individual struck by their vehicles is likely to be far less fortunate.

Various other factors can contribute to these incidents, some of which are out of the control of both drivers and pedestrians. For example, drivers may have difficulty seeing people at night, particularly in rural areas where lighting is sparse or absent. Narrow roads or a lack of sidewalks can also make it more dangerous for people who are walking on foot.

Potential Injuries and Damages

People may sustain devastating injuries when struck by motor vehicles, some of which can be fatal. Broken bones, head trauma, internal bleeding, and spinal cord injuries all are potential outcomes. In some cases, these injuries may be severe enough to prevent individuals from working for a significant period of time, or perhaps even permanently.

Injuries suffered in these incidents may be life-altering in other ways, as well. Individuals may no longer be able to enjoy their previous pastimes, and their mobility may be limited. They may require ongoing medical care, and they may never return to their former physical or mental states.

Fortunately, when negligence leads to an accident, injury victims may have legal claims for relief from the responsible parties. A pedestrian accident lawyer in Lancaster may be able to help detail the economic and non-economic costs of the injuries sustained in the accident to create a comprehensive personal injury claim for damages. Receiving compensation for their losses can enable victims to move on with their lives and support their families in their time of need.

Determining Negligence and Fault

People have a duty under the law to follow traffic laws and look out for oncoming motor vehicles. If they fail to do so and become injured in a collision, the pedestrians may bear some responsibility for the crash.

However, even if a person is at fault to some degree for the accidents that caused their injuries, they still may be able to recover compensation under the principles of comparative negligence. Victims who are less than 50 percent responsible for the accident that led to their injuries may be able to seek a reduced amount of compensation from the other responsible parties. A pedestrian accident attorney in Lancaster can further how the concept of comparative negligence applies in a particular situation.

Consult a Lancaster Pedestrian Accident Attorney for Help

Even you were somewhat at fault for the accident that caused your injuries, a Lancaster pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to help. Legal counsel could investigate the facts of your case, interview witnesses, review police reports, and develop a compelling case on your behalf. Personal injury claims are subject to strict deadlines, so seeking legal assistance at once may be beneficial. Reach out to Schiller & Hamilton today to set up a case review with a compassionate attorney.

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