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A rollover truck accident occurs when a commercial vehicle loses its balance, tips, and rolls over onto the roof or side. These accidents have the potential to cause devastation, as rolling trucks create a wide path of damage. Anything from vehicles to homes could suffer substantial damage.

The human cost of these accidents is frequently high, as well. When motorists are involved in a rollover crash with a commercial truck, they often suffer serious or even fatal injuries. A seasoned truck accident attorney could advise those injured in the crash if they are eligible for financial compensation.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a truck rollover crash, it is important that you pursue your legal options immediately. A Lancaster rollover truck accident lawyer could evaluate your claim and guide you during your case.

Understanding Rollover Truck Accidents

There are a few factors in rollover truck accidents that every Lancaster attorney should understand. While rollovers are not common, these factors dramatically increase the chances of a collision.

One common factor in these accidents involves a truck traveling at high speed. Although commercial truck operators are required to ensure the weight of their trailers is evenly distributed, these vehicles are often top-heavy. When the weight is distributed poorly, it dramatically increases the chance of a speeding truck to tip over and roll.

It is possible for the weight of a trailer to be unevenly distributed even when the truck is not speeding. When the trailer is loaded improperly, the risk of a roller increases under any speed. These crashes are also common when trucks designated for carrying liquid are empty. When employees of the trucking company are responsible for loading the truck incorrectly, the employer could face civil liability for a crash.

Finally, the weather could also play a role. Heavy rain could lead to visibility issues that force a driver to overcorrect on a turn. Heavy winds and slick surfaces are also common contributors. In some instances, the poor condition of the road could be to blame. When road issues occur, a driver injured in the crash could seek compensation for the government entity responsible for that part of the road.

Compensation in a Rollover Crash Lawsuit

When a Lancaster driver suffers an injury in a rollover truck accident, their attorney could pursue financial compensation for those injuries by filing a lawsuit. The compensation available in these claims includes economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are measurable losses that occur in an accident. They include anything that could come with a bill, receipt, or invoice. These damages commonly include lost wages, hospital bills, and car repair expenses.

Non-economic damages are not as clear. They include compensation for the subjective losses in an accident. These damages could cover an injured driver’s pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, or mental anguish caused by the crash. An understanding of these damages could be beneficial during the litigation process.

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The right attorney could assist you in pursuing compensation for your injuries in several ways. This typically begins with a thorough investigation of your case. Collecting medical records, interviewing witnesses, and researching case law are all part of the process.

Reach out to a Lancaster rollover truck accident lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton to discuss your case, rights, and legal options.

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