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A head-on car accident usually occurs when a driver crosses over the centerline on the road. Roads are designed to alleviate head-on collisions by assigning a lane to each driver. A head-on collision just does not occur unless a driver fails to follow the rules of the road and crosses over the centerline. A driver may cause a front-end car wreck if they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving while tired, using a cellphone while driving, driving reckless, or failing to obey traffic signs and lights.

A Lancaster head-on collision lawyer could help you recover compensation if you were injured in a front-end car accident. Reach out to an accomplished car crash attorney today and set up a consultation.

Common Injuries From Head-On Collisions

Injuries associated with head-on collisions are typically severe. A person in a head-on car crash can be impacted by the dash, steering wheel, windshield, and airbags. While airbags can ultimately save someone’s life, they can also cause some degree of harm in their own right just because an airbag exploding is particularly violent. Front-end car wrecks can lead to a high level of trauma. Many people leave the scene very disoriented. Injured victims may also suffer catastrophic injuries such as a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury. Victims could also suffer broken bones, sprains, and back injuries.

What to Do After a Collision

After a head-on car accident, it is critical for the individuals involved to seek medical attention as soon as possible. It is also imperative to follow up with doctors and get the medical care they need. The doctors may order some imaging to determine the extent of the injury and to make sure that the person is not suffering something that could potentially be life-threatening.

It is important for police to be contacted following a car wreck. The authorities can investigate the crash and file a police report.

The injured individual should also call a head-on collision lawyer in Lancaster. An attorney could collect and preserve as much evidence as possible. They could also ensure that the injured party’s rights are protected.

Establishing Fault Following a Front-End Car Accident

Fault in a head-on collision is generally assigned to the driver who crosses the center line and causes the wreck. However, it is common to see insurance companies attempting to argue comparative fault if it believes that for some reason, the victim of the wreck had an opportunity to avoid the crash and failed to do so. If the insurance company thinks that the driver could have swerved out of the way or could have braked if they had seen the other driver coming, it will attempt to reduce what they pay even though their insured driver caused the wreck by crossing the centerline. In front-end car wrecks, liability usually clear, but every case has its own specific facts.

Proving who crossed the center line is oftentimes the first step to establishing liability. That can greatly impact liability if it is difficult to prove, which is particularly true on smaller roads, where it is not a clearly marked line or there is not a painted line. Therefore, it is essential to get witness statements, pictures, and videos. A Lancaster head-on collision attorney has experience establishing negligence following a front-end car wreck.

A Lancaster Head-On Car Accident Attorney Today

A Lancaster head-on collision lawyer could fight for your right to compensation following a car accident. Call the Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm today and schedule your consultation. Let a well-versed legal professional advocate for you.

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