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When an 18-wheeler operator loses control of their vehicle, the truck could slide sideways. This action – known as jackknifing – involves the truck and trailer traveling in opposite directions. The result is the trailer folding in on the truck, resembling a folding knife.

A jackknifing truck is a serious safety hazard. These vehicles can take up multiple lanes of traffic, striking everything in its path. A jackknife accident could cause property damage, severe injuries, and even death.

If you or a loved one were injured in a jackknife tractor-trailer collision, a seasoned truck accident attorney could help you hold the negligent party accountable. Following a crash, a Lancaster jackknife truck accident lawyer could review your claim and advise you on your legal options.

The Risks of a Jackknifing Truck

When a commercial truck jackknifes, it represents a serious threat to everything around it. This threat is not limited to oncoming traffic, as a jackknifing truck could collide with nearby pedestrians, cyclists, and even buildings. Vehicles following the truck are also at risk. These accidents can occur quickly, often resulting in a blocked road. A vehicle following behind the truck could collide with it if they are traveling at high speed.

A jackknife accident is often impossible for a trucker to stop once it has begun. While 18-wheelers have substantial braking power, these brakes could be of little use when the vehicle is sideways or even sliding backward. Understanding the dangers surrounding a jackknife truck accident could help a skilled Lancaster attorney succeed in pursuing their client’s claim.

Negligence in a Jackknife Accident

Many factors go into determining liability in a truck accident. When that truck accident involves a jackknife crash, more variables go into establishing negligence than normal. A Lancaster jackknife truck accident attorney could review the facts of the case and help prove the defendant’s negligence in court.

Negligence occurs when a truck operator acts in a careless, wanton, or intentional way. When that action leads to a collision, the truck driver could face civil liability for the crash. Truck drivers face a higher burden to drive safely compared to the drivers of passenger vehicles. The federal government carefully regulates truck operators, due to the potential for serious injury a truck accident brings.

These regulations cover a wide range of driver behavior in addition to the rules of the road. The weight of the truck is carefully regulated, as an overweight truck could lead to a jackknife crash. Federal regulators also carefully limit the amount of time a truck operator may spend on the clock on a given day or week. Every truck driver faces limitations on the length of time they can drive before they take a break. When a truck operator violates these rules, the plaintiff could use the violation as evidence of negligence at trial.

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Immediately following a tractor-trailer collision, it is best to seek help from a seasoned attorney. A Lancaster jackknife truck accident lawyer could investigate the cause of your accident and help you hold the reckless party accountable for their actions. You may be eligible to recover compensation for damages. Reach out today to our legal team at Schiller & Hamilton to discuss your case.

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