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For many Lancaster residents, medications and medical devices prolong their life and increase their health. When properly prescribed, the right drug can be a genuine life-saver. Unfortunately, not all medications on the market are safe. If you suffered an injury from a dangerous medication, you might be able to pursue monetary damages with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

If you were harmed by a hazardous medication, do not hesitate to seek legal representation. A Lancaster dangerous drugs lawyer could explain your options and pursue justice on your behalf.

Common Dangerous Drug Injuries

Given the complicated nature of drug side effects and interactions, drugs can injure an unsuspecting consumer in numerous ways. In some cases, these injuries are minor and involve little more than a headache or skin rash. In more severe cases, however, a dangerous drug can lead to lifetime consequences or even death. A Lancaster pharmaceutical product liability attorney might be able to review medical records and help a consumer understand where the fault lies.

The Effect of Medication Interactions

While many dangerous drugs cause injuries due to unexpected side-effects, it is important to note that some injuries are due to drug interactions. Understanding drug interactions is difficult, and it can take an experienced Lancaster dangerous drugs attorney to explain to prove to a jury that a mistake was made in either manufacturing, transporting, or selling a drug.

When it comes to drug interactions, there are three basic types:

  • Interactions between drugs – It is not uncommon for two drugs that would otherwise both benefit you to cause an adverse reaction when taken together. While the medical field knows about most bad interactions, it is possible that newer drugs could interact in ways that researchers have not yet discovered.
  • Interactions between drugs and food/drink – Most drugs have sections of their label dedicated to food and drink for a reason. When certain drugs interact with food or alcohol, the effects can be dangerous.
  • Interactions between drugs and other conditions – It goes without saying that certain medication is intended only for specific conditions. However, in some cases, a drug can have dangerous side effects for patients with specific unrelated conditions or illnesses. If a doctor failed to recognize a dangerous interaction when prescribing medication, they might be liable for any injuries the interaction causes.

Who is Liable for Dangerous Pharmaceutical?

More than one party could ultimately be liable for a dangerous drug injury. In some cases, a medication is flawed from the very start. If there were mistakes during the design or manufacturing process, the drug makers that produced the drug might be responsible for any injuries it causes.

In some cases, doctors are to blame for a dangerous drug injury. If a doctor makes a mistake in diagnosing an illness or prescribes the wrong medication, they may be held liable in a civil suit. A doctor could also have some liability if they mistakenly overlooked a potentially harmful drug interaction like those discussed in the section above.

Finally, pharmacists may also face a dangerous drug lawsuit if they improperly administer a prescription or fail to properly warn a patient of its side effects. When a pharmacist makes a mistake, a Lancaster lawyer who is familiar with dangerous drugs claims could help pursue damages on behalf of an injured client.

A Lancaster Dangerous Drugs Attorney is Ready to Help

If you were harmed by a dangerous prescription medication, you may be able to pursue compensation for your injuries. However, a personal injury lawsuit can be difficult to attempt alone. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to learn how a Lancaster dangerous drugs lawyer can help.

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