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Riding a bicycle is a green way to exercise while enjoying the scenery around Lancaster. Unfortunately, motorists do not always exercise due care, and bikers are vulnerable to injury in the event of an accident.

When cars and bicycles collide, the chances of the person riding the bicycle experiencing a serious injury or fatality are high. Many car-on-bike collisions lead to serious, life-threatening injuries, and at Schiller & Hamilton, our bicycle accident lawyers in Lancaster, SC, recognize that many such accidents are also preventable. When someone else’s negligence leaves you or someone you love facing medical bills, rehabilitation or diminished quality of life, we may be able to help you hold the responsible party accountable.

If a negligent motorist injured you or a loved one, you may be eligible for compensation. With help from an experienced personal injury attorney in Lancaster, you may be able to hold the at-fault driver accountable for your losses. A Lancaster bicycle accident lawyer could guide you through the legal procedures for your claim.

What Types of Injuries Result From Bicycle Crashes?

Bicycle crashes can lead to a variety of injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to severe, life-altering conditions. Our bicycle accident lawyers in Lancaster, SC, see many of the following injuries result from car-on-bike collisions.

Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries include abrasions, contusions and lacerations. Abrasions, or “road rash,” occur when the skin comes in contact with the road’s surface. Contusions are bruises resulting from trauma, while lacerations involve cuts or tears to the skin.

Head injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, concussions and skull fractures can occur upon impact. Even low-speed collisions have the potential to cause serious head injuries.

Broken bones

The force of a bicycle crash can result in broken bones, and this is especially common in the shoulders, arms and legs. Joint dislocations and ligament sprains may also occur.

Facial injuries

Cyclists may sustain injuries to the nose, jaw and teeth in a bike wreck. Facial injuries can have long-term aesthetic and functional consequences and often require prompt medical attention.

Spinal injuries

Spinal injuries are less common but quite severe. The impact of a crash can cause fractures or dislocations of the vertebrae, which can damage the spinal cord.

While these are some of the more common injuries seen after bicycle wrecks, this is not an exhaustive summary of all bike injuries that may manifest after a crash. Many bike collisions also lead to more than one type of injury. Our Lancaster bicycle accident lawyers can help you determine the full extent of your injuries and assess what you need to recover from them successfully.

How Long Do Cyclists Have To File Injury Claims?

In South Carolina, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is typically three years from the date the incident occurred. This means you have exactly three years from the date your wreck took place to file a formal claim against the responsible party. Our Lancaster bicycle accident attorneys can help you avoid missing any important deadlines that could jeopardize your ability to move forward with your claim. They can also help you secure all relevant evidence and documentation, outline how the incident upended your life and otherwise take proactive steps to pursue your personal injury case.

How Does Comparative Negligence Work in Cycling Accidents?

A key consideration in any personal injury lawsuit is comparative negligence, or the fault each party shares for an accident. Under S.C. Code §15-38-15, injured bicyclists may not recover any monetary award if the court decides that they were more than half at fault for their injuries. If the victim was partially to blame for the accident, the damages award may be reduced by their percentage of fault. For example, if an injured cyclist was 20% at fault for the accident, their award would be reduced by 20%.

What is a Motorist’s Duty of Care to Bikers?

Under South Carolina law, cyclists and motorists are held to many of the same standards of due care when on the road. These duties are codified in S.C. Code §56.

Under S.C. Code §56-5-3425, drivers and bicyclists are required to share the roads, and when a bicycle lane is provided, a driver may not block that area. This rule helps prevent riders from crashing into cars.

As directed by S.C. Code §56-5-3435, a motorist must leave adequate space between their car and a person’s bicycle. This may help to avoid sideswipes of riders.

Additionally, it is unlawful to verbally harass or throw an object at a biker from a car. These behaviors could cause a cyclist to lose their balance and crash.

Rules of the Road for Lancaster Bike Riders

Bicyclists are also required to follow regulations described within the transportation code. Some laws are specific to bikers, and others are general rules for all types of vehicles.

Although some Lancaster motorists may not realize it, a cyclist may proceed through a steady, red light under some circumstances. Under S.C. Code
§56-5-970, a rider who approaches a stale, red stoplight may continue through an intersection, if they first stop for two minutes and then proceed with caution.

When dedicated bicycle lanes are available, bikers are required by statute to use them. Per S.C. Code Ann. §56-5-3425, a cyclist should remain within the boundaries of the bike lane unless they are passing a fellow rider or avoiding something blocking the path. When there is not a painted roadway for bikes, a bicyclist should stay as far to the right as possible while traveling with the flow of traffic.

If an accident does occur, a bicycle accident attorney in Lancaster may examine the conduct of the driver to determine if they violated any traffic laws. If so, their behavior may be considered negligent.

Meet with Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Lancaster, SC

If you were hurt in a cycling accident, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. A knowledgeable Lancaster bicycle accident lawyer could analyze the circumstances of your accident and determine who was at fault. If a negligent or careless driver was responsible for your injuries, an experienced attorney could hold them accountable and pursue compensation on your behalf. Call the team at Schiller & Hamilton today to schedule a consultation and discuss your situation.

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