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Motor scooters are a popular form of transportation in Lancaster. In addition to the freedom driving in the open air provides, motor scooters are also far more cost-effective to operate than a car or truck. Unfortunately, there are serious risks that come with riding a motor scooter or Vespa, as well. These vehicles offer little to no protection to their operators, making collisions with large vehicles potentially deadly.

If you are living with the consequences of a motor scooter collision, a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney might be able to help. By filing a lawsuit against the person responsible for the crash, a Lancaster Vespa/motor scooter accident lawyer could assist you in recovering monetary compensation for your injuries.

Lancaster Motor Scooter Laws

Like in many jurisdictions, Lancaster laws differentiate between different types of two-wheeled motorized vehicles. According to state law, there are two distinct types of scooters: mopeds and motor scooters. Mopeds are motorized scooters, but their engines must be 50cc or smaller. These vehicles also may not have a gear shifter, and their speed must top out at 30 miles per hour.

Vehicles that do not comply with these rules are considered motor scooters under the law. This distinction is important, as motor scooters typically follow the same requirements that motorcycles must meet. Alternatively, the standards for operating a moped are lower.

Many of the requirements for mopeds and motor scooters are similar. To operate either vehicle, a rider must have a valid driver’s license. Riders must be 16 to operate these vehicles without restriction, while a 15-year-old may drive a moped during daylight hours with a valid license. The owner must also register their vehicle with the state, just like with a car. The big distinction between the two is the necessity for liability insurance. A policy is mandatory to operate a motor scooter, but not a moped.

Common Vespa and Scooter Injuries

Injuries from a Vespa or motor scooter crash can run the gamut from minor scrape to life-threatening injury. In some cases, these crashes could prove fatal. For low-speed collisions, injuries like bruises or sprains are common. Some of the injuries that are commonplace in Vespa accidents include:

Motor scooter accidents can be dangerous, given the lack of protection they provide their operators. Much like with a motorcycle, little stands between the operator and another vehicle. While motor scooters could result in fewer catastrophic accidents compared to motorcycles, their lower speeds will only protect them in limit situations. Following a motor scooter or Vespa accident, a Lancaster attorney could help a person injured in a crash pursue legal action against the responsible party

If a claim is successful, the attorney for a person injured in a Lancaster Vespa or motor scooter accident could recover damages based on their client’s injuries. In addition to the cost of treating these injuries, they could also obtain compensation for lost wages or other expenses.

Seek Guidance from a Lancaster Vespa/Motor Scooter Accident Attorney

The potential for a serious injury in a motor scooter accident is high. If you have suffered an injury in such an accident, you are entitled to pursue legal action against the at-fault party.

The thought of bringing an injury claim can be intimidating for many people. Fortunately, a Lancaster Vespa/motor scooter accident lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton could walk you through the litigation process step by step. Schedule a free consultation right away to get started.

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