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Sexual abuse, unfortunately, occurs in many nursing homes. Many residents are at risk for this form of abuse due to their physical and mental capacity. While some acts of nursing home sexual abuse involve a caretaker, lax systems in a nursing home could result in patient-on-patient violence.

If your loved one experienced sexual abuse in a nursing home, an experienced attorney could advise you on how to hold the perpetrator accountable. If the facility indirectly caused the abuse, a Lancaster nursing home sexual abuse lawyer could bring a lawsuit against it as well. Speak to a compassionate nursing home abuse lawyer to learn about seeking justice for your elderly loved one.

Signs of Sexual Abuse

Some signs of sexual abuse are more obvious than others. In many cases, an abuser will specifically target a nursing home resident due to their inability to report abuse after the fact. Because of this, recognizing the signs of sexual abuse is valuable for anyone with a loved one residing in a nursing facility. Some common signs include:

  • Genital trauma
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Depression or fear
  • Unexplained change in personality
  • The insinuation from a resident that an assault occurred
  • Incidents of sexual abuse involving other residents

While some of these signs could have other causes, they could also suggest that a pattern of abuse is present. An experienced Lancaster attorney with experience handling nursing home sexual assault claims could help identify signs of abuse.

Responsible Parties in a Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Claim

It should come as no surprise that most of the attention is on the abuser following allegations of nursing home sexual abuse. This is understandable, but there are other entities that could also share in the blame. In a nursing home sexual abuse lawsuit, the claimant and their Lancaster attorney could pursue monetary compensation from a variety of sources.

If an employee is responsible for an act of sexual abuse, they are an obvious target for a civil suit. This abuse could occur not only by direct caretakers but anyone with access to the resident. This could include nurses, orderlies, doctors, administrators, and other employees with access to the facility.

The facility itself is also a common defendant in sexual abuse cases. When an employee of the nursing home is responsible for sexual assault while on the job, the facility could face liability for their actions. The nursing home might also have liability for their lack of appropriate staffing or training made sexual abuse possible.

The hiring process could also lead to liability for a Lancaster nursing home. The facility has a duty to protect their residents from predators. If they fail to vet an employee carefully, they could be responsible for sexual abuse caused by that person.

Acts of sexual abuse do not always involve employees of the facility. In some cases, lax administration could allow for another resident to commit sexual abuse. The same is true for friends and family members visiting the facility.

Speak with a Lancaster Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Attorney

The trauma that comes with sexual abuse in a nursing home setting can be difficult to bear. While these acts often lead to criminal charges, a resident suffering from sexual abuse has other legal options at their disposal.

With the help of a Lancaster nursing home sexual abuse lawyer, a resident could seek monetary compensation from the responsible party. Call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your legal options.

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