York County Boat Accident Lawyer

With access to beautiful Lake Wylie, York County is a popular destination for anyone who enjoys a day on the water. For most people, an afternoon of boating is a relaxing departure from the stress of everyday life. When boating accidents occur, however, a peaceful afternoon can turn into a nightmare.

If you sustained an injury in a boating accident, you deserve compensation for your losses. A skilled injury attorney could review your case and advise you about the best way to move forward. To get your case started, reach out to a York County boat accident lawyer right away.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents

There are thousands of boat accidents nationwide every year, and each of them resulted from a unique set of circumstances. While some of the crashes were unavoidable, many stem from a preventable mistake. Establishing the at-fault party for a boat crash may be one of the first steps a York County boat accident attorney takes when they begin an investigation. The most common causes of boat collisions include:


When a boat operator is not paying attention, accidents can occur. When boats travel at high speed, every second that an operator looks away from the water can greatly increase the odds of a crash.


While few drivers get behind the wheel without significant study and training, the same cannot be said for boat operators. Many operators assume that a boat is no different from a car. This inexperience can lead someone to make bad decisions or misjudge the risk they are in.

Reckless Passengers

Boat accidents do not always result from the actions of the operator. In many cases, a passenger or water skier is at fault. When passengers are out of control, they can injure each other or cause the boat operator to crash.

Equipment Malfunction

In some cases, the boat itself is the problem. If the boat or one of its parts is defective, it could cause a dangerous collision.


Much like with intoxicated drivers, an intoxicated boat operator represents a significant risk to passengers, other boaters, and themselves. Driving a boat under the influence is unlawful, given the dangerous effects it has on an operator.

Potential Defendants in a York County Boat Accident Lawsuit

When a York County boat accident attorney reviews a case, they pay special attention to the potential defendants. In some cases, multiple parties might be at fault. When that is the case, a plaintiff has the right to seek compensation from all responsible parties.

The person or entity responsible for a boating accident varies depending on the facts of a case. Some common defendants in a York County boat accident lawsuit include:

  • Boat operators
  • Manufacturers of defective boats or boat parts
  • Boat passengers
  • Jet skiers
  • Negligent boat repair mechanics
  • Water skiers

Talk to a York County Boat Accident Attorney

When a boat accident happens, those injured in the crash must obtain the medical treatment they need. Once they receive appropriate medical care, however, an injury victim has the right to seek compensation for those medical bills from the person who caused the boat crash.

If you are ready to pursue a claim, an experienced York County boat accident lawyer might be able to help. Call Schiller & Hamilton to schedule your initial consultation.

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