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Car accidents happen are far too familiar in York County, and often result in serious injuries. Front-end or head-on car collisions are among the most dangerous and deadly type of crashes, frequently causing tremendous damages and losses. A York County front-end car accident lawyer could provide legal guidance if you have been injured in a head on collision involving a careless or negligent motorist. A diligent car accident attorney could provide more information about the legal process and whether you may be entitled to claim monetary damages.

Contributing Causes in Front-End Car Collisions

Front-end car accidents can be highly destructive, resulting in significant injuries and loss of life. Often, these crashes are caused by a negligent driver who failed to observe their legal duty to drive with reasonable care. Speeding, drunk driving, texting while driving, inattentive driving, aggressive driving, and failure to yield are some of the leading causes of front end car collisions. Failure to observe traffic signs and signals, driving influenced by drugs, driving the wrong direction on a highway, or improper lane changes also cause front-end crashes.

Filing a Head-On Collision Claim

Under South Carolina Code of Laws §15-3-530, the deadline to file a lawsuit after a front-end car accident is three years to the day from when the crash happened. It is best to talk with a York County front-end car collision lawyer well before the three-year deadline. If an injured party does not start their case on time and tries to file a lawsuit after the deadline has passed, the court could reject the case, and any right to financial recovery would be forfeited.

A three-year timeline also applies to wrongful death cases stemming from front-end car accidents. However, in a wrongful death case, the three-year period would not begin until the day of the decedent’s death.

Compensation for Front-End Car Wreck Injuries

A skilled head-on collision lawyer in York County would fight for successful financial recovery on the claimant’s behalf. Front-end collisions can cause severe and catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), back injuries, paralysis, internal bleeding, amputations, burns, organ damage, and eye injuries.

Compensation may be available for the injured person’s general damages and special damages. General damages include losses such as pain, suffering, emotional trauma, scarring, disability, and disfigurement. Special damages or economic damages include losses like hospital bills, doctor bills, physical therapy expenses, the cost of home modifications due to the person’s injury, and lost income.

The injured party may also be able to claim punitive damages. Generally speaking, the courts only award punitive damages in rare scenarios when they determine that the at-fault party acted so egregiously that they should be punished for it.

Get Legal Help from a York County Front-End Car Accident Attorney

A York County front-end car accident lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton could provide the legal insight needed to help you make a knowledgeable decision about the following steps. An attorney could analyze the facts of your accident and available evidence such as law enforcement records, medical records, and other information to determine whether you have a basis on which to seek a legal remedy. Call today to discuss your injuries, losses, rights, and legal options.

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