Fort Mill Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Many people in Fort Mill take over the counter and prescription medications every day to manage their chronic ailments or to cure their acute illnesses. Most people have faith that the drugs that they take are safe, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, drugs cause more damage than good.

If you suffered serious injuries after taking a medication, you might be entitled to recover damages from the drug manufacturer that produced the drug, the doctor who prescribed it, or even the pharmacist who fulfilled that prescription. Schedule a consultation with a Fort Mill dangerous drugs lawyer today to see if they can help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Claims Against the Drug Manufacturer

Although most drugs come with some side effects, the harmful side effects should not outweigh the benefits of the drug. Pharmaceutical companies need to adhere to federal safety standards to make sure that their drugs are as safe as reasonably possible for their intended use. When drug manufacturers design concepts for new drugs, they need to try to minimize harmful side effects and negative counteractions with other medications.

After producing samples of a new medication, manufacturers need to test the drug’s efficacy and safety before releasing it to the public. When they market the new drug, they must disclose any adverse side effects and potential negative counteractions with other medications. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers to communicate those risks by placing warning labels on the drug bottles or inserts included in the medication’s packaging.

A Fort Mill attorney could help by expertly looking at the company’s design, production, and manufacturing processes to see if they complied with the FDA regulatory and safety standards. A skilled lawyer would also check to see if the manufacturers tested the drug on a large enough sample size of people for a long enough time to observe all of the possible effects. An experienced attorney would also review the drug’s warning label to see if it was clear enough to warn a reasonable consumer of any potential risks of taking the medication.

Claims Against the Doctor Who Prescribed the Medication

Courts understand that doctors cannot be perfect and that sometimes they make mistakes. To prevail in a medical malpractice case, a claimant would need to prove that the error made by their doctor was unreasonable and that a similarly trained doctor in a similar circumstance would not have made the same mistake. For example, before prescribing a new drug, a reasonable doctor would adequately review their patient’s charts and take their medical history to check if that patient is currently taking any other medications or has any drug allergies.

If a physician prescribed an antibiotic to a person allergic to that class of drugs and that person suffered anaphylactic shock, which caused them to endure both physical and emotional trauma, then that person could pursue a claim for malpractice. An experienced local attorney would work with medical experts to demonstrate the medical industry standard to show that the doctor was unreasonable when they prescribed the dangerous drug.

Claims Against the Pharmacist

Pharmacists need to fill their prescriptions correctly, and they need to include the proper warning labels. If a pharmacist fills a customer’s prescription but neglects to put the appropriate warning label on the bottle, a Fort Mill lawyer could help that customer pursue a claim against that pharmacist.

Let a Fort Mill Dangerous Drugs Attorney Help

When medication that is supposed to help you ends up hurting you, you should reach out for legal assistance. You may be eligible to obtain a financial judgment against the people responsible for your injuries. Call a Fort Mill dangerous drugs lawyer as soon as possible to see if pursuing a legal claim is a good option for you and your family.

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