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Due to their size and weight, commercial trucks much more likely to cause severe harm to smaller vehicles when involved in roadway accidents. If the driver is transporting overweight or unbalanced cargo, the vehicle could tip over and roll several times, colliding with numerous other cars.

Pursuing personal injury claims for rollover truck accidents in Fort Mill can be complicated for those with no legal experience. A skilled tractor-trailer collision attorney could help you seek damages for all your injuries and losses. Contact Schiller & Hamilton today to discuss what our firm could do for you.

Common Causes of Rollover Truck Crashes in Fort Mill

Commercial trucks are designed to have a low center of gravity. This makes the vehicle stable while in motion and hard to knock off-balance. Drivers following traffic laws and federal trucking regulations tend to be at low risk for rollover accidents. However, many situations could result in a rolling truck accident.

For example, shifting or overweight cargo may cause the trailer to become unbalanced. Other factors that may increase the risk of a rollover include:

Adverse weather conditions or malfunctioning auto parts could also cause a commercial vehicle to roll over. A local attorney who focuses on rollover truck accidents could examine the cause of an incident and identify the liable parties.

Liability in Rolling Truck Accidents

In any truck accident claim, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant violated their duty of care, directly causing the accident in question and their subsequent damages. In rollover wrecks, a truck operator might be liable for exceeding the speed limit or turning too quickly.

Other potentially responsible parties include the trucking company, a manufacturing company, or another worker. For example, if the tractor-trailer tipped over due to improperly loaded cargo, the person responsible for loading the truck may be at fault. A rollover truck wreck lawyer could identify the liable parties in an accident and determine the best course of action for recovering monetary damages.

Recovering Compensation Following a Rollover Wreck

If a personal injury claim, plaintiffs are permitted to seek compensation for various economic damages, including medical expenses, loss of income, and property damage. Injured parties may also be able to recover non-economic damages for physical pain, emotional anguish, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life.

A truck accident victim might also obtain compensation for any permanent disability or disfigurement resulting from the accident. An attorney with experience handling rolling tractor-trailer cases could fight for all current and future compensation an injured party may need.

An Attorney Could Help After a Rollover Truck Accident in Fort Mill

Any type of auto wreck involving a commercial truck can cause serious injuries, but rollover accidents tend to have especially severe consequences. If you were recently injured by an overturning tractor-trailer, you could seek civil compensation.

Filing a claim after a rollover truck accident in Fort Mill can be challenging without an attorney. Call our firm today to speak with a compassionate lawyer about how we could pursue restitution for your losses.

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