Fort Mill Boat Accident Lawyer

People often take advantage of the great weather in Fort Mill by using their boats to enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, at times, fun, relaxing days on the water can turn tragic. A skilled local attorney might be able to obtain you some financial relief in a personal injury suit if you or a family member sustained serious harm in a boating accident. Reach out to a Fort Mill boat accident lawyer today to schedule an initial appointment to see how they can help you.

Common Types of Boating Accidents in Fort Mill

People can sustain injuries on the water in different types of accidents. Often, injuries occur in the following situations:

  • When one boat crashes into another boat
  • When a boat hits a dock, a buoy, or another fixed object
  • When a boat grounds itself
  • When water gets into a boat and causes it to sink
  • When a boat capsizes
  • When a boat passenger falls overboard

A skilled local attorney could investigate the scene of the accident to see if a court could hold anyone legally responsible for the claimant’s injuries.

How are Boat Accidents Caused?

Recreational boating accidents often occur due to a myriad of causes. One of the most common causes include distracted boat operating. People often do not take operating a boat as seriously as they do driving a car. They tend to be more relaxed on their boats. They do not pay full attention to their surroundings or their duties as a boat operator. However, just as distracted driving can cause car accidents, distracted boat operating can cause boating accidents.

Additionally, alcohol and drug use can cause a severe crash. Boat operators often join in with their passengers to drink and use recreational drugs while they are on their boats because many people seem to believe that boating while under the influence is not as dangerous as drunk driving a car, yet it can lead to the same serious injuries and death. Speeding, inexperience, and mechanical failures are also known causes of boating collisions.

How do You Establish the Cause of a Boat Crash?

Experienced local legal representatives could help a claimant build a strong case by examining the evidence from the accident. A seasoned boating attorney could review police and coast guard reports, interview eyewitnesses to see what they noticed, and, if necessary, subpoena the defendant’s medical records to check their blood/alcohol level or their cellphone records to see if the defendant was using their cellphone at the time of the accident.

Common Injuries in Fort Mill Boating Accidents

Although most boating accidents cause only minor injuries, unfortunately, they can cause severe harm. After a boating accident, some people suffer from head injuries, back injuries, cuts, broken bones, shock, hypothermia, and even death. A knowledgeable local attorney could calculate the injured claimant’s damages and help them seek compensation from the responsible party.

Reach Out to a Fort Mill Boat Accident Attorney for Help Today

Recovering from serious personal injuries is challenging. A financial settlement against the people who caused your injuries could help you pay for some of the treatments that you need to speed up your recovery. Reach out to a Fort Mill boat accident lawyer today to see if you have a viable case for compensation.

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