Fort Mill Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

When you suffer an on-the-job injury in Fort Mill, your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage goes into effect. However, getting the restitution you need is not as easy as you might think. Your employer may refuse to acknowledge the accident or provide the proper coverage.

If you need help navigating your claim, now is the time to speak with a Fort Mill workers’ compensation lawyer. By hiring a skilled legal professional from Schiller & Hamilton, you are showing your employer that they cannot dismiss your claim and deny you your rightful compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Laws in Fort Mill

The state of South Carolina enacted The Workers’ Compensation Act to protect employees injured on the job. According to this law, employers or their insurance carriers must provide medical and wage benefits to any workers injured while on the job. The law applies to business owners with at least four team members but excludes workers who provide services on an as-needed basis or do not work routine hours.

Most claims are settled before going to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. If the employer or their insurance company denies a workers’ claim, that employee and their attorney should file with the Commission for an official judgment.

Appeals can be made if the Commission denies the claim. However, the Commission notes that there are no appeals that go past the South Carolina Supreme Court. A seasoned attorney could help employees understand the workers’ compensation laws in this area.

Examples of Workplace Accidents

Workers can sustain a variety of injuries on the job, depending on the job site and the type of work they do. A Fort Mill lawyer who focuses on workers’ compensation claims could represent an injured employee after a slip and fall, falling object accident, burn injury, or vehicle accident.

Slip and Falls

Employees can slip and fall on wet or icy surfaces, obstructed walkways, or unsecured flooring. These types of hazards in an office, factory, or construction site can lead to severe accidents, especially if there was no warning sign. Potential injuries resulting from this type of accident include bruises, lacerations, broken bones, head trauma, and back injuries.

Falling Object Accidents

When a heavy object, such as a piece of equipment, is not secured properly, it can fall onto one or multiple employees, causing serious if not fatal injuries. Head trauma, broken bones, spinal cord damage, internal bleeding, and organ damage are among the more common injuries related to falling object accidents.

Severe Burns

Improperly-maintained equipment can explode and inflict burn injuries, even if the employee was using the equipment correctly. Chemical burns can also occur from the inadequate storage of hazardous liquids.

Vehicle Accidents

Workers may be responsible for operating vehicles, such as cars, trucks, trains, and watercrafts. An accident in a work vehicle can result in many serious injuries.

When is Worker’s Comp Unavailable?

Worker’s compensation benefits are not available to all injured employees. Injured parties are generally not entitled to compensation if they were using equipment improperly despite thorough training.

An employee also will not receive compensation if their injuries could have been avoided through their own means. For example, accidents involving intoxication or reckless behavior will generally not result in a valid claim.

Additionally, employees who become injured after starting physical altercations with coworkers are not eligible for compensation either. A knowledgeable lawyer could help injured employees determine whether they are eligible for workers’ compensation.

Discuss Your Case with a Fort Mill Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

If you suffered injuries and damages due to a worksite accident, contact a Fort Mill workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Schiller & Hamilton is dedicated to helping injured parties seek the compensation they need to facilitate their recovery. Contact us today to learn how we could help you.

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