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Trucks have multiple blind spots that can make it difficult for drivers to see smaller cars. As a result, many collisions with these large tractor-trailers result from a truck driver merging into another vehicle’s lane because the trucker was unable to see the other motorist. These accidents have the potential to cause serious, life-altering injuries.

If you were involved in this type of auto wreck, you should reach out to a seasoned truck accident attorney. With help from a Fort Mill blind spot truck accident lawyer, you may be able to hold the responsible party liable for your injuries and pursue fair compensation.

Establishing Liability in a Blind Spot Truck Wreck

The average tractor-trailer has four main blind spots. From their seat in the cab, the operator does not have a direct line of sight to the following areas:

  • The entire right side of the truck
  • Directly in front of the cab’s engine
  • Directly behind the trailer
  • The left side of the cab, under the driver’s door and window

Licensed truck drivers are required by law to check their blind spots for other vehicles before turning, applying the brakes, or merging into a different lane. Failing to do so is considered a violation of their duty of care, and a motorist may be held liable.

Though truckers have a responsibility to other people on the road to check their blind spots, any driver who recklessly or carelessly drives near an18-wheeler may be held partially liable for an ensuing accident. A local blind spot truck crash attorney could help demonstrate fault in their case.

Recoverable Damages in Fort Mill Truck Crash Claims

If comparative negligence does not hinder a plaintiff’s recovery efforts, an injured person could pursue compensation for both economic and non-economic losses. Economic damages are those that have an objective value like lost work wages and medical bills. Non-economic damages like pain and suffering must be given unique values based on the circumstances of an individual case.

Given the severity of injuries a truck wreck can cause, it is often important for plaintiffs to take both short-term and long-term losses into account. For example, an injured party seeking comprehensive recovery for an accident that left them permanently paralyzed should seek compensation not only for emergency medical expenses but also for rehabilitation and home modification costs they will likely have to pay in the future.

If a plaintiff bears some responsibility for the collision, the court has the authority to reduce their damages award by the percentage of fault they bear. A lawyer who focuses on blind spot truck accidents could clarify what damages an individual may recover in a particular situation.

Talk to a Fort Mill Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney Today

If you were recently injured due to a negligent truck driver, you may be suffering from numerous physical injuries, financial losses, and psychological trauma. Pursuing compensation for your damages can be complicated, but you do not have to handle your truck wreck claim alone.

An experienced Fort Mill blind spot truck accident lawyer could guide you toward a positive resolution in or out of court. To learn more, call Schiller & Hamilton today to schedule an initial consultation.

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