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Many people are familiar with minor burns from cooking accidents or excessive time out in the sun, but more serious burns can cause significant damage and require medical intervention. Any burn injury you suffer due to someone else’s reckless or careless behavior could be grounds for a civil lawsuit.

Achieving a positive outcome in a civil case like this can be difficult without the help of a local attorney who has experience handling catastrophic injury claims. You should seek guidance from a Fort Mill burn injury lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton who could make all the difference in the success of your claim.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

Almost everybody has experienced a first-degree burn at some point in their lives. These burns only damage the outer layer of skin and are characterized by redness and localized pain. Since they are so mild, they usually only require a bit of cold water and time to heal naturally.

Second-Degree Burns

On the other hand, second-degree burns affect both the outer and inner layers of the skin—the epidermis and dermis, respectively. They can cause the affected area to swell, blister, or appear wet or shiny. Superficial second-degree burns only damage some of the dermis and typically do not cause scarring. Deep partial-thickness burns, however, can cause permanent discoloration and scarring at the site of the burn.

Third-Degree Burns

Third-degree burns, or full-thickness burns, completely destroy both layers of skin as well as nerve endings in the affected area. These kinds of burns can appear white, yellow, brown, or black in color.

Fourth-Degree Burns

Fourth-degree burns cause severe damage to bones, muscles, and tendons. They are often fatal if not treated immediately by medical professionals and burn specialists. A local burn injury attorney could help victims explore their options for filing suit against a negligent third party.

Recoverable Damages in Fort Mill Burn Injury Cases

If the injured claimant’s attorney can successfully prove someone else was legally negligent and therefore liable for their injury, there are a variety of damages they may be able to seek compensation for. Like most personal injury cases, those who have been severely burned due to the negligence of another may be eligible to recover economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to financial losses, such as lost wages, lost earning capacity, and medical expenses, including the costs of skin grafts and rehabilitative procedures.

It is also important to take long-term non-economic losses into account, especially for third and fourth-degree burns. Non-economic losses may include loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, permanent disability or disfigurement, and physical pain and suffering. A seasoned accident lawyer could help a potential plaintiff understand the type of compensation they might receive in their burn injury case.

Learn More from a Fort Mill Burn Injury Attorney

Severe burns can cause immense physical and emotional pain. Any civil lawsuit based on such an injury should take into account all current and future losses. Given the complexity of catastrophic injury cases, however, it can be hard for victims to manage on their own.

Consider enlisting the help of a dedicated Fort Mill burn injury lawyer for a better chance at getting the compensation you need. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to schedule a consultation and speak with an attorney about your unique case.

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