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Unfortunately, catastrophic accidents can strike at any moment. The injuries sustained in serious accidents often require costly emergency medical care and long-term rehabilitation. At a time when many victims are unable to work, they may be overwhelmed with bills and calls from insurance adjusters looking to settle the case quickly.

Fortunately, a York County catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to help victims seek full and fair compensation for their injuries. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to discuss your case.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A range of injuries can carry the “catastrophic” designation. Most often, catastrophic injuries result in life threatening health conditions like brain damage, spinal trauma, and serious infections.

In York County, car wrecks are a common cause for these accidents. Too often, distracted or drunk drivers impact the lives of others when they take to the roads. When negligent drivers cause accidents, victims may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Another form of catastrophic injury occurs in hospitals and doctor’s offices. During routine procedures and surgeries, mistakes by medical staff can leave patients in critical condition. In these situations, compensation via a personal injury claim may be appropriate.

A catastrophic injury attorney in York County could research the cause of an accident to determine the validity of the victim’s claim. They could then hold the at-fault party accountable for the full extent of the injured person’s losses.

Statute of Limitations for Catastrophic Injury Actions

Every state establishes a different “statutes of limitation” for personal injury claims. In essence, the statute of limitations is the number of years an individual is given to file a formal civil complaint in court. Per South Carolina Code §15-3-530, complainants have three years from the date of injury in which to file a claim for damages. A York County attorney with experience handling catastrophic injury cases could help plaintiffs gather evidence and pursue compensation within the applicable deadlines.

Comparative Negligence in South Carolina

Individuals suffering from catastrophic injuries sometimes mistakenly believe they cannot file a lawsuit if they were partially at fault for the accident. Unfortunately, this false assumption may cause people to miss out on fair compensation.

Depending on the situation, complainants who are partially responsible for their own injuries may be able to file a lawsuit and recover a portion of their damages in a successful suit. A York catastrophic injury attorney may be able to help in this matter.

Hiring a York County Catastrophic Injury Legal Team

Catastrophic injuries are among the most serious civil claims. Victims may be left with piles of medical bills, and in some cases, they may be permanently unable to work. This situation can add tremendous financial stress at an already difficult time. Fortunately, help is available from the experienced legal team at Schiller & Hamilton.

A York County catastrophic injury attorney could gather evidence to demonstrate the defendant’s fault, present a compelling case in court, and fight on your behalf at every step. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.

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