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Large trucks and other commercial vehicles can pose a major threat to the safety of other motorists on York County roads. Truckers have a duty to drive safely, just like drivers of other vehicles, and must follow additional federal rules concerning maximum drive times and cargo weight.

When a truck operator fails to drive safely and causes an accident, they may be held accountable for any resulting injuries. In addition, any of these incidents may implicate a trucking company as a co-defendant. In any case, an injured person involved in a truck accident has the right to demand compensation for all their losses.

A York County truck accident lawyer could help protect your rights during claims for damages resulting from a driver or trucking company’s negligence. An experienced attorney could gather essential evidence, evaluate your damages, and fight for full payments during settlement talks and in court.

The Dangerous of Truck Driver Negligence

Trucks create many of the same hazards on the road that other vehicles do. Truckers who make a choice to drive while distracted, to ignore rules of the road, or to simply operate their vehicles in an irresponsible manner place all other people at a serious risk of harm. Additionally, the size and weight of a commercial vehicle leads to serious injuries and extensive property damage in the event of a collision.

Construction vehicles full of debris or tractor-trailers carrying heavy loads are slow to come to a stop in the case of an emergency or may jackknife due to sudden braking. These scenarios can result in serious injuries that can threaten the lives of other travelers. A York County truck accident attorney could provide more information about the inherent risks of sharing the road with commercial vehicles.

Proving Negligence as a Legal Matter

While there is no dispute that an accident involving a commercial truck can result in life-changing harm, an injured plaintiff must demonstrate that a defendant’s actions were negligent in order to collect compensation. To prevail in a negligence case, a plaintiff must be able to prove that a defendant failed in their obligation to keep that plaintiff safe.

At the same time, many plaintiffs must also be prepared to defend their own actions. SC Code Ann. §15-38-10 requires courts hearing personal injury cases to evaluate the liability of all parties involved using the concept of comparative negligence. If a court determines a plaintiff shares some blame for an accident, it can reduce their total damages award. A York County truck accident attorney could help demonstrate the defendant’s negligence while defending a plaintiff’s actions.

Let a York County Truck Accident Attorney Fight for You

The aftermath of a truck accident in York County could leave you injured and confused. You may wonder who will pay for your medical bills, compensate you for your lost wages, and pay for your property damage. The law holds that a negligent truck driver and their employer are liable to provide this compensation, but collecting full payments after an accident can be a difficult process.

A York County truck accident lawyer could help to pursue your claim for its full value. This includes gathering the evidence of the truck driver’s fault, leveraging this evidence into a proper claim for damages, and evaluating your losses. An attorney could also help to rebut any allegations of contributory negligence that may limit your award in settlement talks or court. Personal injury claims are subject to strict deadlines, so contact Schiller & Hamilton today to discuss your case.

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