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Side-impact collisions can wreak havoc on a person’s physical state, inflicting long-lasting injuries that may stay with the individual for as long as they live. When a driver or passenger is hit from the side, the risk of sustaining catastrophic personal injuries is exceptionally high. This is why you should contact a York County side-impact car accident lawyer if you or a loved one was the victim in a recent crash.

Almost always, a side-impact accident could have been preventable if someone had complied with their legal duty of care. A skilled car accident attorney could investigate the crash further to discern the party or parties at fault for your losses and who may owe you monetary damages.

York County Statute of Limitations for Side-Impact Car Wrecks

The statute of limitations for crash cases in South Carolina is a fundamental law to be aware of. If an injured person does not file in accordance with the statute of limitations, this will make it impossible for them to pursue monetary recovery. As stated under South Carolina Code of Laws §15-3-530, this filing deadline is three years from the incident.

When a minor child is injured, however, the deadline could be prolonged. If a minor child sustains a personal injury, they would have three years from the date they turned 18 or their 21st birthday, to get their case started. A diligent York County side-impact car crash lawyer could advise how the statutory deadline applies to the client’s case and ensure they file within the legal window.

Proving that a Legal Duty Was Breached

Motorists on the roadways and highways have a legal obligation to use reasonable care whenever they get behind the wheel. If a motorist does not obey this legal duty and breaches their responsibility, they could cause a terrible accident. Consequently, if a motorist does cause an accident that injures someone, and the person’s injuries result in damages, the motorist could be liable for these losses.

While the negligence or careless driving of a motorist is frequently to blame for side-impact collisions, sometimes, there may be another liable third party. For instance, if the at-fault driver impacted the side of the claimant’s vehicle because their brakes failed, the vehicle manufacturer could be made to answer for the claimant’s damages. A knowledgeable side-impact auto accident lawyer in York County could ensure that any liable parties are accounted for and named in a lawsuit for compensation.

Seeking Compensation for T-Bone Collision Losses

Given the often catastrophic nature of side-impact car collision injuries, victims may sustain a multitude of compensable damages. A claimant could be compensated for their lost income, pain, suffering, and medical expenses. If the claimant’s injuries are so grave that they permanently affect their ability to earn a regular living, the court could also award them compensation for future lost earnings, scarring, disability, and disfigurement.

A York County Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney Could Help

A York County side-impact car accident lawyer could provide comprehensive management of your case. An attorney would contact law enforcement who was responding at the scene of the accident, review the accident report, speak with witnesses, order your medical records, and gather all evidence needed to support your claim for fair and full settlement.

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