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Many people are unaware of the high incidence of auto accidents in parking lots. Parking lot accidents are surprisingly common and often occur when someone fails to yield or pay careful attention to the road ahead of them. A York County parking lot accident lawyer with experience handling these challenging legal matters could offer a confidential review of your claim. If you were involved in a serious parking lot crash, a skilled car accident attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could guide as to whether you may be owed compensation and explain your best legal options.

Preventing Parking Lot Crashes

Parking lot crashes are frequently preventable accidents. Even when driving at low rates of speed, parking lot accidents can still result in serious injuries. As such, it is helpful to understand some key ways to avoid these types of crashes.

Driving defensively with eyes straight ahead and taking care to stay within the parking lot speed limit can be instrumental in avoiding collisions. Adhering to the posted speed limit also allows someone enough time to stop if a careless driver pulls out suddenly.

It is essential for a motorist always to check their blind spots. Often, parking lot accidents happen when someone is pulling out of a parking space and fails to check their blind spots for passersby or other vehicles adequately. When heading to a parking lot intersection, it is essential to heed the stop signs and other markings. Sometimes, parking lot wrecks occur when a driver fails to stop, darts out, and hits a pedestrian or other driver who had the right of way.

Reasons for Parking Lot Collisions

Parking lot collisions can happen for a wide variety of reasons and often occur when two motorists are vying for the same parking spot or fail to check both ways and back out of their parking spots at the very same time. An experienced York County attorney could also help someone injured in a parking lot accident caused by another driver’s speeding, failure to yield, reckless, or negligent driving.

Fault Laws

One of the reasons that parking lot crashes can be so challenging to prove is that fault is not always immediately apparent. In a traditional fault scenario, when the at-fault party owes the claimant a duty of care and commits a breach of that duty, injuring the claimant, the at-fault party may be considered liable for any damages that result.

However, parking lot accidents often happen out of nowhere and without warning. Sometimes, both parties are found at fault, in which case any damages granted to the claimant would be reduced by their percentage of blame per  South Carolina Code § 15-1-300. A  knowledgeable parking lot collision attorney in York County would help the claimant determine who might be liable for their injuries.

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A York County parking lot accident lawyer could evaluate your injuries and damages. An attorney could fully represent your legal interests with the at-fault party’s insurance company and ensure the protection of your rights.

A lawyer could provide constant legal support at each stage of your injury claim and claim maximum financial compensation for your medical bills, wage loss, suffering, pain, and other damages. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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