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Rollover truck accidents occur when an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck loses control, turns sideways while driving, and rolls end over end. Given the weight of these vehicles, anything in their path could suffer significant damage. For pedestrians and occupants of passenger vehicles, these collisions could result in life-threatening injuries.

If you or a loved one sustained severe injuries in a rollover tractor-trailer collision, it could benefit you to pursue guidance from an experienced truck crash attorney. Your attorney could investigate the factors that caused your crash before advising you on how best to proceed. A York County rollover truck accident lawyer might provide the skill needed to maximize your financial recovery.

How Rollover Truck Accidents Happen

Rollover truck crashes occur based on a number of factors. Each crash is different. Some of these factors involve actions that the truck operator could take, while others involve mechanical issues with the truck itself.

There are two general types of rollover truck collisions: tripped and untripped rollovers. A tripped rollover crash occurs when an object outside of the vehicle causes the rollover. This could include a road defect or another driver. An untripped rollover occurs due to errors made by the truck operator. In addition to driver error, untripped rollovers also involve improperly loaded cargo, and weight distribution issues.

Some rollover accidents occur due to mechanical defects. These defects could impact the entire vehicle or a specific part. Defects impacting the braking system, steering wheel, axles, or tires could lead to a rollover truck accident. When a defect causes a rollover, a person injured in the crash could pursue a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the defective vehicle or part.

A skilled York County attorney could use several methods to identify the cause of a rollover truck accident. From witness statements to accident reconstruction experts, an attorney could work to determine how a rollover occurred.

Liable Parties in a Rollover Crash

Once an attorney in a York County rollover truck accident lawsuit determines how the collision occurred, they can then move forward against the liable parties. In most cases, these accidents occur as a result of truck driver negligence. There are many careless acts a truck operator could take to cause a crash, including:

  • Driving too fast for the conditions
  • Lane change violations
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Fatigued driving
  • Failure to yield
  • Following to close

While a truck operator is often to blame, a person injured in a rollover truck crash could also hold the trucking company accountable. If a negligent truck driver was working within the scope of their employment when they rolled over, a plaintiff could sue both the driver and their employer. An employer could also face liability for an accident if the company overloaded the truck, failed to maintain its condition properly, or allowed cargo to be distributed unevenly throughout the trailer.

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If you are dealing with injuries stemming from a truck rollover crash, pursuing litigation against a trucking company might seem intimidating. These companies are often large and could have the resources necessary to hire an army of lawyers.

Despite their resources, there is no reason to fear pursuing an injury claim against a truck operator, their employer, or even the manufacturer of the vehicle. An experienced York County rollover truck accident lawyer could assist you with holding these entities accountable. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to get started on your case.

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