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By definition, paralysis is a permanent and life-changing condition. When an individual becomes paralyzed in an accident, the injury can affect every part of their life. The knowledge that the incident could have been prevented through diligence or attention adds injustice to an already difficult matter.

If you were paralyzed in an accident, you may have suffered tremendous financial loss in addition to your pain and suffering. Fortunately, a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney may be able to help. A York County paralysis injury lawyer might be able to help you recover lost wages and money paid out to medical bills.

Examples of Paralysis

Paralysis can affect all ages and demographics. Typically, individuals who work with heavy machinery or on construction sites are at a greater risk of paralysis than others. On construction sites, all workers are expected to follow essential safety requirements. When individuals make a mistake, the repercussions can be extremely serious.

A leading cause of paralysis in the United States is traffic accidents. South Carolina law prohibits reckless or wanton behavior, and drivers who cause an accident due to distraction or intoxication may be responsible for any resulting damages.

Slips and falls are another common cause of paralysis injuries. Property managers must take precautions to prevent patrons from falling. When staircases are poorly maintained or walkways are blocked, the property may be held liable. A York County paralysis injury attorney could help identify the responsible parties and help victims hold them accountable.

Pursuing Compensation for a Paralysis Injury

Some personal injury victims feel overwhelmed by the prospect of going into court to testify in their civil claim. For some people, the trauma of the event is difficult to relive.

Fortunately, claimants do not always need to enter the courtroom in order to seek damages. In fact, when individuals retain legal counsel, the team of lawyers working on the case may be able to reach a fair settlement with the opposing party’s insurance company.

To find out if out-of-court settlements may be possible, claimants will first have to be compliant with South Carolina Code §15-3-530. This law establishes a three-year “statute of limitations” for all paralysis cases. If the plaintiff does not file their case in court within this time limit, the case may be dismissed, and compensation may be unavailable. Personal injury victims should reach out to a York County paralysis injury lawyer for help meeting all applicable deadlines.

Contact a Paralysis Injury Attorney in York County

When you drive your car, visit a business, or use a consumer product, you have a reasonable expectation of safety. Unfortunately, individuals often suffer serious injuries through no fault of their own at the hands of negligent motorists, property owners, and product manufacturers.

If you became paralyzed in an accident, you will likely need financial support to cover follow-up appointments and lost hours on the job. A York County paralysis injury lawyer could handle the details of your case and fight tirelessly on your behalf. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to set up a case review.

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