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While truck accidents routinely occur due to the negligence of the operator, there are often other factors at play. There are strict weight limits for commercial trucks due to the increased risk of a crash facing overweight trailers. Overweight trucks are more likely to flip when they lose control, and their increased mass can lead to devastating injuries following a collision.

If you or a loved one sustained a significant injury from an overweight truck, you could have a valid claim for financial compensation. A knowledgeable Beaufort truck accident attorney could evaluate your claim and answer your questions regarding the crash. The federal rules related to truck weight limits are complex, but a skilled Beaufort personal injury attorney could provide you with critical insight.

Federal Weight Limits

There are many different types of commercial trucks on the roads and highways of Beaufort. They vary in size and in purpose, with each one having different requirements to function properly. Due to these differences, the maximum weight of a vehicle depends on the type of commercial truck.

For standard 18-wheelers, the weight limit is 80,000 pounds. Federal regulations require the weight of each vehicle to be closely tracked. This involves logging of the weight of a vehicle by truck operators and regulators. Many operators will drive as close to the limit as possible, making every aspect of loading and unloading a trailer important.

The regulations also require meticulous record keeping. Trucker operators are required to know the weight of their truck at all times and must maintain records identifying that weight. A diligent Beaufort overweight truck accident attorney could use those records as evidence at trial to prove the trucker failed to comply with federal regulations.

Establishing Negligence in an Overweight Truck Crash Lawsuit

While complying with federal weight regulations is important, it does not absolve a trucking company or the operator of the duty to drive safely. In some cases, the weight of a vehicle will be unsafe even when it complies with federal law. It is up to the operator to determine if adjustments to the weight of the load or how it is packaged are necessary. These decisions are crucial, as a single mistake can lead to severe consequences.

Following an overweight truck crash, there are several entities that could face liability. While the operator has the most control over the weight of the vehicle, they are only one person involved in the process. The trucking company could also face liability for the negligence of its employees. This includes not only the negligence of the truck driver but also any errors made by their workers during the process of loading a truck. Anyone person that plays a role in overloading a truck could face liability if it is involved in a crash. A dedicated Beaufort overweight truck accident attorney could serve as the legal advocate for anyone injured by an overweight commercial vehicle.

Retain The Services of a Beaufort Overweight Truck Accident Attorney

There is no benefit in delaying an overweight truck accident lawsuit. The process of obtaining records related to the crash can be time-consuming, and your attorney will need ample time to investigate your claim.

If you are ready to hold the person or entity responsible for your overweight truck accident responsible, consider discussing your legal options with a Beaufort overweight truck accident lawyer. Reach out to our skilled legal team at Schiller & Hamilton today.

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