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Any time parents of a minor child separate or divorce, courts are empowered to issue orders regarding custody and visitation. These orders spell out the custody of the child as well as an allowance for visitation by the non-custodial parent.

Unfortunately, not all parents comply with these orders. If your co-parent has violated the terms of a court order, it is time to speak with a practiced custody attorney at Schiller & Hamilton. The assistance of a Beaufort child custody enforcement lawyer could help ensure your rights as a parent are protected.

How Could Custody Order Violations Happen?

Custody orders apply in a number of different ways. These orders apply not only to the physical custody of a child but also apply to legal custody as well. In addition, these orders typically spell out the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent.

There are many different ways to violate the terms of an order. Some violations are minor, while others could severely violate a parent’s rights. In either case, it could be wise to speak to a child custody and visitation attorney in Beaufort who could help with implementing the order.

Failing to Follow a Visitation Schedule

One of the most common examples of a violation is the failure to adhere to a court-ordered visitation schedule. These schedules often set out the date and time when visitation is to occur. If a parent refuses to turn over a child when their time is up, it is a violation of the order.

It is also possible to violate a parent’s legal custody rights under an order. This could involve making an important legal decision without the input of the other parent. However, there are rare exceptions in these cases for emergencies.

Enforcement Options in Beaufort

There are different options available to a parent if it comes to enforcing custody. In some cases, a direct approach could provide the best results with the least amount of effort. Some violations occur inadvertently or due to a misunderstanding. Even purposeful infringements could be brought to a halt once a Beaufort child custody enforcement lawyer is involved.

Having an attorney contact the other parent can be a useful option, but it is not always successful. Another option could involve notifying the police. The police have the power to administer custody orders, but they are not always as helpful as a parent might like. The police can typically require compliance if an order requires a specific action like dropping a child off by a certain time.

In serious cases, it may be time to file a motion with the court in an effort to obtain a fair outcome. Filing a motion for contempt of court could result in serious consequences for the other parent, including jail time or fines. It could also be possible to ask the court to amend the order as a response to the other parent’s failure to comply.

Contact a Beaufort Child Custody Enforcement Attorney Right Away

If you believe the other parent of your child has violated the terms of your custody agreement, you have the right to enforce it. Imposing the agreement on your own can be difficult.

A Beaufort child custody enforcement lawyer could help ensure your rights are protected when it comes to your child. Call Schiller & Hamilton right away to get started.

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