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If you are seeking financial support for your child from their other parent, obtaining a court order is the first step. The reality is that many parents are slow to make the payments required by the order and others refuse to comply at all. To secure the financial assistance your child is entitled to, an enforcement action might be necessary.

An experienced child support attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could work with you in your enforcement efforts. At times, it could be possible to secure compliance without legal action. If an action is necessary, you could benefit from the guidance of a Beaufort child support enforcement lawyer.

Child Support Enforcement Actions in Beaufort

There are different options available to a parent when it comes to implementing child support. For some people, securing compliance voluntarily is the simplest path forward. If that is not an option, pursuing a contempt order from the court is a strong option.

Securing Voluntary Compliance

In some cases, the simplest and most effective options involve convincing the other parent to comply. This might not be an option in every enforcement case, but contact from a Beaufort attorney could spur the other parent to pay what is owed for the child’s wellbeing.

In some cases, notice that a parent intends to take legal action if the obligation is not paid is enough to push that person to comply. It is also possible that communication could clear up minor disputes or misunderstandings that led the parent not to make their payments.

Pursuing a Motion for Contempt

If the supporting parent continues to refuse to meet their obligations, the court can become involved through something known as a “Rule to Show Cause.” A Rule to Show Cause is a hearing before a family court to determine if the supporting payment is behind. It is an opportunity for that parent to either establish that they are caught up on their payments or provide a reason for the delinquency.

These hearings can result in significant consequences for a parent that has failed to make their child support payments. The court has different enforcement options, including the garnishment of wages. In severe cases, the court could also order fines, community service, or even jail time.

Enforcing Orders against Out-of-State Parents

It is not uncommon for a parent to move away following a divorce. If a parent that is subject to a child support order leaves the state, the court retains jurisdiction in the case. In other words, a judge can continue to implement the terms of an order on a parent who no longer lives in the state.

Alternatively, it is also possible to enforce out-of-state orders in the area. To do so, a parent or their Beaufort attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could register the child support order in family court. Once it is registered, it can be enforced as if a local court issued it.

Call a Beaufort Child Support Enforcement Attorney Right Away

Implementing a child support order can be difficult, and it is understandable for you to want someone you can rely on during this process. A Beaufort child support enforcement lawyer could remove the stress from the situation by leading the way in your support enforcement efforts.

A Schiller & Hamilton attorney could remove the stress and worry of late support payments from your shoulders. Call our office now to learn more.

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