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Most cases for ending a marriage fall into one of two categories: contested or uncontested. Contested separations are the basis for many of the stereotypes surrounding the dissolution of a marriage. They can be costly, contentious, and lengthy.

On the other hand, an unchallenged divorce happens if both parties agree to end the marriage amicably and negotiate the terms of the split. With the assistance of a practiced divorce attorney at Schiller & Hamilton, it could be possible to avoid any costly litigation. A Beaufort uncontested divorce lawyer could save you time, money, and stress while helping you conclude your marriage in a mutually beneficial manner.

What Makes a Separation Uncontested?

An uncontested divorce, also known as a “simple divorce,” involves the dissolution of a marriage where an agreement between the spouses is reached on all major issues. These agreements cover everything from property division to spousal support.

There are numerous benefits to this approach. Because there is no need for a trial or litigation, the amount of time it takes to resolve could be drastically reduced. The costs associated with ending a marriage are also typically much lower.

An unchallenged divorce could also protect the privacy of everyone involved. These trials are held in public, and the records related to these cases are available for anyone to see. An uncontested divorce could allow a couple to resolve these issues privately without the need for scrutiny.

A divorce like this might be the best option, but that does not mean handling it without an attorney is a good idea. The process itself is still complex, and any misstep could lead to lengthy delays in a case. Let a Beaufort uncontested divorce attorney lead the way.

Requirements for a Beaufort Unchallenged Divorce

Just like with any divorce, a couple seeking an uncontested end to a marriage must meet certain minimum requirements. For a divorce to be unchallenged, all of the issues at hand must be agreed upon. A Beaufort unchallenged divorce attorney could help ensure all of these requirements are met.

Residency Requirements

One or both of the spouses in a marriage must currently reside in the state in order for courts to have jurisdiction. If both spouses live in the state, they must only have resided there for three months before filing. If only one spouse lives in the state, they must have lived there for at least a year.

Property Agreement

There is also a requirement for a property agreement. If there are any disputes on how property is to be divided, an uncontested divorce is not an option. That means the spouses much either reach an agreement on how to divide all of their marital property, or they must not have any property to discuss. Agreements must also be made regarding the custody and support of minor children.

Reach Out to a Beaufort Uncontested Divorce Attorney Right Away

While the prospect of ending a marriage can be stressful, the process itself does not have to be. The right attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could help you reach an amicable conclusion to your marriage. Put your trust in the hands of a Beaufort uncontested divorce lawyer. Call as soon as possible for a private, confidential consultation.

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