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Parents want what is best for their kid and will prioritize their needs. Child support is established strictly for the minor’s benefit, not to punish or reward either parent. Still, you may be concerned about how much financial assistance you will receive or have to pay.

If you are facing a parental financial aid dispute, it is critical to speak with a knowledgeable Beaufort child support lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton to understand the state’s correlating laws clearly. Working with one of our legal team’s experienced family attorneys could provide peace of mind in knowing the financial obligations a parent pays or receives in your case is accurately and fairly calculated.

Who Makes Child Assistance Payments?

In South Carolina, both parents are required to assist their children financially, even if they are divorced. In most cases, the parent awarded sole or primary custody of their kid will also be granted aid. The non-custodial parent will typically be ordered to make payments monthly.

If parents share equal custody of the minor and earn similar incomes, it is possible that neither will be required to pay aid. However, if one parent makes substantially more money than the other in a shared custody arrangement, they may be ordered to pay. A well-practiced attorney in Beaufort could help a parent know whether they will owe or receive child support payments.

Determining Aid for a Child in a Beaufort Court

When determining the payment amount, a judge assumes that the financial aid established by the state’s juvenile support calculator is correct and will meet the child’s needs. This type of calculator takes several factors into account, including:

  • Each parent’s income
  • The number of kids
  • Whether one parent has been ordered to pay aid for a kid from another relationship
  • Health insurance premiums for the kid
  • Work-related daycare costs
  • Any spousal payment already established

Because a payment order can substantially impact all parties involved, the amount a person is ordered to pay must be accurate under the state’s guidelines. A skilled attorney in Beaufort could work to calculate the correct child support payments.

What are Child Support Arrears?

Under South Carolina Children’s Code § 63-17-720, if a parent ordered to make payments fails to meet their obligation fully, the unpaid support is referred to as an arrearage. A parent’s obligation to pay all court-ordered payment does not terminate until their child reaches age 18 years old, and if arrears still exist at that time, the parent must continue monthly payments until all arrears are satisfied.

If the parent does not satisfy outstanding arrears for any reason, the state may take certain enforcement actions against them. Someone who has yet to make their full payments could face a driver’s license suspension, garnishment of their wages, or incarceration. A parent who receives notice that they owe arrears and are uncertain how to pay them should consult a knowledgeable child support attorney in the area.

Modifying Beaufort Child Assistance Orders

Either parent can request a financial support modification if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. A change may include loss of a job, increased medical expenses for the kid, or any circumstance that impacts either parent’s ability to financially assist the minor.

A parent seeking modification must file a petition and prove the change in circumstances. This can be challenging as state law does not encourage parents to engage in litigation throughout their kid’s youth. A parent considering a modification is well-advised to consult a seasoned child assistance attorney before filing a court petition in Beaufort.

Call a Beaufort Child Support Attorney Right Away

Whether you are requesting aid, or it has already been established and someone has fallen behind on payments, a practiced Beaufort child support lawyer could help you. Our skilled attorneys at Schiller & Hamilton have the experience you need if you are facing a complicated monetary matter for your kid. Call today to discuss your specific circumstances and learn how we could help you.

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