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For many married couples dissolving their relationship, the hope is that their divorce will bring an end to their disagreements. For many former spouses, disagreements could continue long after the separation is finalized.

If you are facing problems after your marriage has ended, a skilled divorce attorney might be able to help. From child or spousal support conflicts to requesting to change custody, you could benefit from the guidance of a Beaufort post-divorce disputes lawyer.

Common Conflicts after a Marriage Has Ended

There are countless disputes that could arise among a separated couple after the order is finalized. These problems often center around financial matters and frequently involve child custody or visitation. Under any of these circumstances, a Beaufort post-divorce disputes attorney might be able to help.

Parental Rights

One of the most common issues among divorced couples involves the failure to adhere to a parenting plan. An individual who fails to comply with a plan could face consequences from the court. The failure to comply could involve keeping a child beyond the time limit for a visit or failing to return the child at all.

Debt Issues

While the division of property is often a major issue during the divorce process, the division of debts is also important. The final separation decree typically spells out which spouse is required to take on the various debts from the marriage. If an individual fails to take on the debt required by the final divorce decree, they could face contempt charges.

Financial Support

Another common conflict that can come up after a separation involves ongoing financial obligations. Chief among these obligations are spousal and child support. The failure to make the monthly payments required by the divorce decree is a common cause of disputes. In addition to not paying entirely, late or inadequate payments could also result in conflict.

Resolving Beaufort Disputes after a Divorce without Litigation

While there are varying steps that can be taken regarding issues after a divorce, litigation might not always be necessary. In some cases, a Beaufort attorney could amicably resolve these conflicts following the end of a marriage.

Some disputes could be resolved through negotiating a repayment play or reaching an agreement to modify the existing court order. In other conflicts, the threat of legal action alone could be enough to ensure a former spouse complies with the court order.

Understanding Contempt Hearings

If a problem following a divorce cannot be resolved through mutual agreement, the primary option available is a motion for contempt. Contempt of court occurs if a person willfully and intentionally violates a court order despite having the ability to comply. Motions for contempt are common if a former spouse fails to uphold a parenting plan or misses spousal support payments.

There are serious consequences that can come with a finding of contempt. These penalties are designed to pressure the non-compliant party into adhering to the language of the order. A finding of contempt could lead to jail time, fines, or community service, among other consequences. A skilled Beaufort attorney could help someone if a contempt hearing comes out of a post-separation issue.

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If your former spouse has failed to uphold their end of the separation decree, you have options to hold them accountable. From negotiation with a Schiller & Hamilton attorney to pursuing an order of contempt, it could be possible to resolve your marital problems fairly.

Let a Beaufort post-divorce disputes lawyer advocate on your behalf. Call now for your confidential consultation.

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