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The obligation to provide a child with financial support stays with a parent until the minor reaches adulthood. If a parent is ordered to pay assistance early on in that child’s life, they face that financial obligation for up to 18 years. Many things in life can change over that span of time, so it only makes sense that financial orders could be modified. An experienced child support attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could help you with the modification process.

Modification is only an option if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. What is more, the court is required to make this decision with the best interest of the minor in mind. Navigating this process could be challenging without the guidance of a Beaufort child support modification lawyer.

Grounds for Changing Beaufort Child Support

While life changes could make the modification of a financial order fair, the law also carefully weighs the importance of stability in the life of a kid. For that reason, courts do not allow parents to constantly seek alterations to obligations based on minor life events. Instead, it is only possible to alter a support agreement if one of the parties has faced a substantial change in circumstances.

Many of the events that qualify as “substantial” affect the life of the minor. For example, a change to the amount paid each week could be necessary if a child is diagnosed with a serious illness that requires extensive, ongoing care.

A change in a parent’s employment could be another example. If a parent loses their source of income, it could be enough to push the courts to reduce the support amount. Alternatively, a permanent increase in income could necessitate additional aid.

There are other situations where a change to the support obligation might be necessary. For example, the emancipation of a minor typically qualifies as a substantial change in circumstances. A skilled attorney in Beaufort could further explain what might be grounds for altering financial support for a child.

Non-Substantial Changes

There are events in life that, while important, do not rise to the level of substantial. Even a major change might not be grounds for the modification of support if it is temporary. For example, a parent that faces a significant but temporary fluctuation in income would likely not have viable grounds to modify a financial obligation.

Events in the life of a parent do not always qualify as substantial either. If one parent opts to have another child or remarries, these decisions are not viable grounds to seek a reduction in financial support.

There are some substantial changes that do not lead to viable grounds for modification. If the alteration was anticipated at the time the original order was entered, it could not serve as grounds for a future modification. A Beaufort attorney could help someone understand what life events might not be substantial enough to modify financial support for a child.

Talk to a Beaufort Child Support Modification Attorney Today

If you have experienced substantial changes in your life, it could necessitate an alteration in your financial obligation. Modifying an order is possible, but it could be difficult without a Schiller & Hamilton attorney by your side.

A Beaufort child support modification lawyer could represent your best chance to ensure you are treated fairly during the course of these proceedings. Call our office right away to discuss your options.

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