Rock Hill DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in the Spartanburg-Rock Hill-Lancaster area, find out about your options for protecting your interests while achieving the best outcome available under the facts of your case. Contact an experienced Rock Hill drunk driving defense attorney at Schiller & Hamilton. We offer A Complimentary Strategy Session, and we serve the needs of drivers throughout our region, including Charlotte-area residents who have been arrested on the South Carolina side of the state line.

Many people who have never encountered the criminal justice system before find themselves facing DUI charges, and it’s easy to get carried away with the embarrassment and shock of the situation. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can do a great deal to reorient your focus on solving a serious legal problem rather than beating yourself up. Keep in mind that the state needs to prove every element of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt, and our skilled attorneys can show you what we have to work with to move toward a positive result in your case.

The Benefits of Legal Counsel

The starting point for our analysis of your defense alternatives isn’t whether you were drinking or even what your blood-alcohol reading happened to be. Instead, we look at the details of the traffic stop, any field sobriety test, the Breathalyzer test and other aspects of the investigation and arrest to see whether any part of your case can be dismissed for procedural errors.

Even if our lawyers can’t get rid of the evidence against you, we can usually find a way to help our client avoid the worst consequences of a DUI conviction. We can protect your interest in keeping the period of a driver’s license suspension to the minimum. Our firm can guide you on whether or not you should plead guilty. Younger drivers might be able to qualify for a local Alcohol Diversion Program (ADP) that can lead to eventual expungement of the charges.

Contact a Rock Hill Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Today

With offices in Rock Hill, and Beaufort, the Schiller & Hamilton is convenient for clients throughout the Upper Piedmont of South Carolina. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can go to work to protect your interests. Contact us at either of our locations for A Complimentary Strategy Session about your defense options.

We at Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm hope you and your family are safe & well. We wanted to let our friends and clients know that we are currently working regular office hours. However, in an effort to decrease in-person contact we encourage our clients to schedule an appointment by phone or Zoom. If an in-person appointment is necessary please note our offices are locked so please call our office number upon arriving. Our plan is to continue serving you and your family and providing the same level of professional service you’ve always received from us.
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