Motorcycle Wrecks Demand Motorcycle Riding Attorneys

Motorcycle wrecks pose many unique problems for both the injured rider as well as the attorney who is representing them. I have been riding for 30 plus years and I have been representing clients injured in wrecks for almost 27 years.

Building a Strong Motorbike Accident Claim

When handling a motorcycle wreck case building a strong foundation is critical. Often times the investigating officer only gets one side of the story due to the severity of the injuries suffered by the rider. An early investigation is imperative. The attorney needs to know who was present at the scene, who the first responders were and whether security cameras caught the wreck on a recording. Other considerations include the type and weight of the bike involved, the level of experience of the injured rider, whether the bike had ABS or Non-ABS brakes, and the type and extent of the lighting on the bike. Ideally, the headlight should be recovered and examined by an expert to establish the lights were working and were on.

Additionally, ascertaining the availability of witnesses from local residents, businesses and social media posts could prove invaluable. Getting to the scene of the wreck immediately to look for skid marks and gauges in the roadway is equally important. An early and thorough investigation may mean the difference between winning and losing on liability or fault.

Other concerns to be aware of are citations, statements made against the rider’s interest, statements made by the other driver, and any court dates for either party.

Call a Skilled Attorney Today

So, as you can see, there are many ways a motorcycle wreck can get lost in the initial days following the wreck. Do not try and handle Motorcycle Wrecks alone. Call us at Schiller & Hamilton and put our team of experienced injury attorneys to work for you. I ride, so I get it. Call today! Time is not on your side when it comes to a motorcycle wreck.

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