5 Apps to Have on Your Phone in Case of a Car Accident

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No one anticipates getting into an auto accident, but when one happens, you must focus on your next steps. What you do next is important, especially if you pursue a personal injury lawsuit. When you’ve been in a car accident in South Carolina, the smartphone applications (apps for short) on your phone can be a vital resource.

Car accident apps can help you contact emergency services, call for roadside assistance, and gather the information needed to create an accident report, all with just a few taps on your phone.

Smartphone Apps Can Help After an Auto Accident

Apps such as the five listed here can be a valuable resource if you ever find yourself involved in a car accident in the South Carolina area:


This app is simpler than others on this list, but its functionality is still quite robust. You can pre-set emergency contacts and vehicle information to be available when you need them most. You can also take pictures, take notes, and generate a car accident report in PDF format.

Help I Crashed My Car

A more advanced car accident report app, Help I Crashed My Car lets you do everything iWrecked does, plus it can track how the accident happened if you have GPS enabled.


This app stands out for the automatic features it offers. It can automatically detect if an accident has occurred and can send location information to your emergency contacts. It will also automatically provide information on the location of nearby hospitals and the fastest routes to get to them.

AAA app

If you already use AAA’s services, the AAA app is an ideal supplement to your membership. You can use the app to contact a tow truck and get other roadside assistance.

AxiKit Accident Report Kit

The AxiKit app walks users through collecting data after a collision. Services include gathering and storing eyewitness accounts with voice recording and assisting with taking the right photos at the scene.

Installing one or more of these apps can be extremely helpful in the confusing and disorienting aftermath of a collision.

How Schiller & Hamilton Can Help After a Car Accident

A car accident app can be extremely helpful in the immediate aftermath of a car crash. Emergency situations require a prompt response, so having these tools on a mobile device can save time and help you get the needed assistance.

However, once the dust settles, you will most likely discover that you could need legal assistance to pursue the full compensation a negligent driver owes you for the medical bills, lost income, vehicle damage, and other accident-related losses. Hiring legal representation can also ensure you have the evidence you need to prove your negligence case, such as:

  • A police report from the responding officer
  • Witness statements
  • Medical records
  • Photos and video footage of the accident scene and your injuries
  • Traffic camera footage if available

More Benefits of Having an Attorney on Your Side

Our lawyer will investigate the accident and gather evidence to support your account fo events. Some accident victims may not realize the losses they can pursue after an accident. That’s why our personal injury lawyers are here. They can help you manage a policy claim with an insurance provider and navigate the process, which is not always as straightforward as some think.

Legal advice from a professional can also make it easier to pursue an injury lawsuit if negotiations with an insurer don’t work out. Most parties settle injury cases outside of court, but our car accident lawyers will pursue your financial recovery at trial if that is the next step for your case.

We Will Focus on Fighting for You, and You Don’t Have to Pay Us Anything Up Front to Represent You

Our auto accident attorneys handle injury cases on contingency, which means that if you hire us, we will manage your case without requiring any upfront payment. We get paid only if you recover compensation in your case.

If you do, we receive a percentage of your settlement or court-ordered award. If you don’t receive financial compensation, you don’t have to pay us. We can explain more about how this payment arrangement works during a free consultation.

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