Commonly Asked Questions About Auto Accident Injuries

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People have a number of questions to ask when they are in a car accident. Some of the most frequently asked questions about auto accidents are as follows:

What are the possible injuries that people involved in an accident may suffer from?

Some of the common injuries that may result in an auto accident include fractured vertebras in the spinal cord or the back, as well as broken bones of arms and legs. All such injuries require instant medical care. There are certain injuries that would require surgery or a number of surgeries. Sometimes, people are rendered unable to work depending on the type of their job.

In case of rear-end collisions, disk herniation of the lumbar spine or the C-spine can result, but the more common injuries include whiplash of the neck or lower back injuries. Other injuries include cuts and bruises on the face, hands or arms of the driver in the case when the airbag deploys. Seatbelts can also cause bruising to the chest region and the neck area.

What procedure has to be followed in case of injuries?

The procedure that has to be followed depends upon the case. Either the lawyer would file a lawsuit, or if the responsibility of the accident is still disputed, the lawyer would try to preserve any proof with the help of a “spoliation letter”. A spoliation letter would restrict the liable person from touching his vehicle until the time when experts get an opportunity to take a look at the vehicle. Experts will try to find whether there was a technical failure or the driver was carrying any medications or drugs in the vehicle.

Sometimes, a pornographic magazine in the vehicle also affects the case greatly. Such evidence shows that the driver was distracted while he was driving. Any such evidence found in the vehicle should be immediately seized before it gets lost, stolen or hidden. Experts interview eyewitnesses and obtain statements from police officers investigating the crime scene. Contacting a South Carolina car accident attorney may prove useful as the attorney will know how evidence needs to be handled in such cases.

When should you get medical assistance?

Medical care is another thing that should be immediately sought for. Any lawyer you consult would advise you to see a doctor or a physical therapist to get the medical care you might need. An injury to your knee would require help from an orthopedic surgeon with experience in dealing knee or shoulder injuries. If the C-spine or the lumbar region gets an injury, the services of a neurosurgeon might be required. Treatment of injuries may take some time because the human body takes time to heal even if the case is in the hands of an expert medical professional. If medical care or surgery is required, it should be the first step following an accident.

What is included in pain and sufferings?

  • All kinds of physical pain, mental agony, distress, discomfort that the victim of an accident experiences comes under the category of pain and suffering.
  • If the injured person gets burns, amputation or paralysis as a result of injuries, he might stay embarrassed or ashamed for these all his life.
  • The mentality of an individual or the outlook can change after severe injuries, which can make life difficult and less enjoyable.
  • Injuries sustained in the accident can result in disfigurement or scarring that can last forever.
  • The loss of a spouse might also be experienced by the injured victim. The victim is compensated in case of lost companionship and also if he or she is unable to be close with his or her spouse because of the injuries received as a result of the accident.

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