How Many Work Credits are Needed to Qualify for Social Security?

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Derek Harper and J.R. Yates discuss the work credits required to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). J.R. Yates explains how credit is earned and how many are required to qualify for SSDI. J.R. Yates also explains that while there is a standard number of work credits required to qualify, the number of required credits can fluctuate based on a person’s age and work history.

J.R. Yates also breaks down some of the common stipulations that can compromise an application for SSDI. He warns people who have been out of work to submit their applications within five years of their last period of full-time employment. Even though the claims process can take years, you just need to have started it within five years of working. 

If you are wondering whether you qualify for SSDI or SSI, the Social Security Disability lawyers with Schiller & Hamilton are here to help. We can review your work history and your medical records to build your claim and navigate you through the process. If your claim for SSDI benefits was denied, you should know that you have options to appeal. 

The appeals process can be even more complicated than the original claim, though. Don’t worry; our lawyers can help you. We can begin by requesting a reconsideration and submitting supplemental documents to support your claim. From there, we can take any additional steps available to appeal your claim, such as requesting a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

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