What Is Temporary Total Disability?

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Temporary total disability (TTD) is a type of workers’ compensation benefit available to injured workers who cannot work for a minimum of seven days. For example, you could qualify if you cannot perform your current job or be reassigned to a different one while you recover from your workplace injury. As a result, you could receive financial benefits and medical care at no cost.

You do not have to deal with the grueling process of claiming workers’ comp benefits alone. Instead, a workers’ compensation lawyer in your area can help you prove the cause of your injury and document the length of your recovery. Then, with guidance and support from a local attorney, you can build a compelling case and obtain the benefits you need to support yourself and your family.

How does My Employer Calculate My Monthly TTD Financial Benefits?

Suppose your workplace injury prevents you from working for at least seven days. In that case, you could receive benefits of approximately two-thirds of your average weekly wage based on your previous year’s earnings.

Getting this number right is essential to your claim since it determines your financial compensation. Thus, your worker’s compensation lawyer will explain how to calculate your average wage and ensure they include all income sources when they make their assessment.

How Soon Will I Start Receiving Financial Compensation?

Once your employer’s insurance company processes your application, you should start receiving financial benefits within 14 days. However, if there is a delay in receiving your benefits, your legal team could explain your next steps.

You must notify your employer of your accident and resulting injury promptly. Your lawyer will explain the notification deadline in your state (S.C. Ann. § 42-15-20 gives South Carolina workers 90 days to inform their employer).

You might want to start working with an attorney immediately after suffering a workplace injury because of how time-consuming the process of applying for benefits can become.

How Long Can I Keep Getting TTD’s Financial Benefits?

Your workers’ comp benefits should continue throughout your recovery period. Your treating doctor will assess your prognosis and update your employer about your progress.

While you cannot work, these benefits will enable you to support yourself and your family until you can return to work. In addition, if you believe your doctor approved you to return to work prematurely, your lawyer can help you appeal this decision.

How Long Will I Get Cost-Free Medical Care?

You are entitled to all the medical care your injuries require until your doctor finds you have achieved maximum medical improvement (MMI), meaning you have recovered as fully as possible and can return to work. Until you reach MMI, you must stick to your treatment plan, keep all follow-up appointments, and take all prescribed medications.

Who Determines My Eligibility for TTD Benefits?

First, your attorney will determine whether your employer must carry workers’ comp insurance based on your state’s criteria (in South Carolina, businesses with at least four full-time or part-time employees must provide workers’ compensation).

If it does, the insurer will provide you with a list of approved physicians who must provide your injury-related medical care. This healthcare provider will assess your injury and determine your eligibility for TTD benefits.

Be sure to tell your treating physician about your accident and all the injuries you sustained during your initial appointment. In addition, answer any questions they have that might aid in your diagnosis and assessment. Finally, if you disagree with the physician’s determination, you can request a second opinion. You might also have the option of changing physicians. Again, your attorney can explain your options.

Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

While you can apply for benefits alone, it can be a complicated process. Instead, you could hire a workers’ compensation attorney who can provide guidance from the beginning of your case until its final resolution. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Help if your employer refuses to report your injury to its insurer or the state
  • Holding your employer accountable if it retaliates against you
  • Exploring compensation options if your employer is uninsured
  • Documenting the cause of your injuries and the costs of your medical care
  • Accurately assessing your allowable average weekly wages
  • Ensuring you receive medical care throughout your recovery

You can also benefit from a lawyer familiar with your state’s workers’ comp laws who can handle your case correctly. In most cases, a law firm will review your case at no cost and explain your rights and your employer’s responsibilities.

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If you sustained a workplace injury and cannot return to work for more than seven days, you are entitled to temporary total disability benefits. Our workers’ comp lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton helps injured workers obtain medical and monetary benefits.

Learn more about our commitment to helping you build a compelling initial case or file an appeal if your employer denies your application. Contact our workers’ comp case review team today.

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