What’s On a South Carolina Car Accident Report?

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A South Carolina car accident report contains identifying information of those involved — drivers, passengers, vehicle owners, and the investigating officer.

An accident report records the characteristics of the collision, including types of vehicles, restraints used, injury status, and airbag deployment. It also identifies the causes of the crash and alcohol and drug use that may have been a factor. There is space for a picture and a narrative description of what happened.

There are two South Carolina car accident report forms:

FR-309 – Traffic Collision Report – Not Investigated by Law Enforcement

TR-310 – Traffic Collision Report Form – Investigated by Law Enforcement

Law enforcement completes form TR-310 when they investigate a crash. When law enforcement doesn’t investigate a minor crash, the driver or owner of a vehicle must complete form FR-309 and submit it to the SCDMV.

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What Does a South Carolina Car Accident Report Contain?

A South Carolina car accident report contains:

Location information

Stating where the collision occurred, including whether on an Interstate, US primary, SC primary, secondary, county, or other road.

Driver/pedestrian information

  • Full name, address, sex, race, birth date
  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance information
  • Vehicle information
  • Phone number
  • Whether, in the officer’s opinion, the person contributed to the collision

Property owner and damage information

Damage estimates and identification of property owners.

Image and description

The investigating officer may draw a picture of the location of vehicles, roads, and other important details. They may describe what happened in narrative form.

Characteristics of the collision

  • Injuries, including head injuries for motorcyclists
  • Seating location of those injured
  • Whether a person was ejected from a vehicle
  • Airbag deployment or switch
  • Cargo spill, equipment failure
  • Whether a rollover occurred
  • If a vehicle struck a fixed object
  • Seatbelt use
  • Whether a person was transported for medical care
  • Traffic lights, signs, and officers directing traffic
  • Weather and light conditions
  • Trailer attachment
  • Vehicle maneuvers before impact
  • Vehicle defects

This section of a South Carolina car accident report collects data that is tracked and recorded by law enforcement and traffic engineers. This information may be reported in aggregate as part of traffic accident statistics reporting and safety efforts.

Alcohol and drug test information

Whether law enforcement tested a driver for alcohol or drugs.

Summons and ticket information

If law enforcement issues a citation, they record the summons number and violation code. They may issue multiple citations.

Investigating officer information

The investigating officer reports their name, rank, and badge number. They state their police agency and jurisdiction.

SC car accident reports use a standard form. There may be some sections that don’t apply to the facts of a particular collision. In addition, there is a place for a narrative to report important information that is not noted elsewhere in the report or best explained with a picture. However, most of the reports are standardized.

How Do You Get a Copy of an Accident Report in Beaufort County, SC?

To get a copy of an accident report in Beaufort County, SC, submit a request online, or complete SCDMV Form FR-50 and take it to the local SCDMV branch office. The Beaufort DMV office is located at 28 Munch Dr. Beaufort, SC 29906.

Note: You may not be able to make the request online if you have an out-of-state license. In addition to online and at the DMV, you may mail your request to the address on the request form.

What does a traffic collision report cost in South Carolina?

A SCDMV traffic collision report costs $6.00.

Is a SC Car Accident Report Needed to File an Insurance Claim?

While you can file an insurance claim without an SC car accident report, having the report may be important to getting fair compensation. Not having a report may raise concerns with the insurance company about why you didn’t make a report. There may be delays while the insurance company verifies information.

It’s always a good idea to make the required reports and have them for your insurance claim. If there is information that is inaccurate in a report, you may take steps to dispute it.

What Can You Do to Dispute an Accident Report?

To dispute an accident report, you may contact the investigating officer. If the error is clerical, like a transcription error, they should be willing to make the necessary changes. If the issue is substantive, you may need to present persuasive evidence. You can also dispute an accident report by contesting any citation that you received and by presenting your information to the insurance company.

Are Car Accident Reports Admissible at Trial?

South Carolina Rules of Evidence Rule 803(8) states that accident reports are not admissible as evidence in negligence claims or any claim for damages.

Generally, official records and reports kept by a government agency, under public duty, are admitted as an exception to the hearsay rule. However, car accident reports are explicitly excluded. It may be possible to use the report to impeach the officer if they say something at trial that contradicts the report.

The party wanting the officer’s observations admitted at trial must subpoena the officer to court. They must call witnesses and present evidence, rather than relying on the information in the police report.

Obtaining Your South Carolina Car Accident Report

When you’re in a car accident, it’s important to get a copy of the official accident report. You should review the report for accuracy. The information in the report may be helpful to build your claim.

A car accident report is not conclusive — if you disagree with what’s in the report, you may challenge it. An experienced attorney can review your report for accuracy. They can evaluate how you may use the report to build the evidence and pursue your compensation.

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