What Information Should I Obtain from the At-Fault Party?

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If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important to know what information you should obtain from the at-fault party. Ideally, the information you get will help you receive the compensation you are entitled to from the at-fault driver and their insurance company. That makes it important to get identifying information on the driver, their insurer, the investigating officer, and anyone who witnessed the accident.

If possible, get the make and model of the car and its license plate number. Your lawyer will explain the value of the information you obtain. They will also explain how it will be used to prove how the accident happened and where your motorcycle was impacted. Obtain the information you are legally required to exchange, then leave all other communication to your lawyer.

The Information You Obtain Can Support Your Insurance Claim or Lawsuit

When you hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your case, they will explain how insurance companies approach liability claims, and the information you need to support your case. Your lawyer will also explain how and where to gain access to the information you need.

On your own, some information can be difficult to obtain. Your lawyer will not tax you with these challenging tasks. Instead, they will compile and organize information and evidence for you. While they do, you can concentrate on your physical and psychological recovery.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Knows How to Leverage the Information You Obtain

Gathering critical information after an accident is only one important step on the road to financial recovery. Equally important is knowing what to do with the information you obtain. You should:

  • Share any information and evidence you have with your lawyer right away.
  • Trust your lawyer to gather additional information and evidence on your behalf.

Your lawyer will use the information he obtains in the following ways:

  • To steer your case toward settlement versus trial
  • To drive settlement negotiations in your favor

The lawyer who handles your case will explain the evidence collection process. They will also ensure you understand the value of your evidence and its role in obtaining the best possible financial outcome of your case.

Understanding the Role of Post-Accident Information

The information obtained and collected after an accident can prove its cause and contributing factors. This information can help you define the at-fault driver’s negligence. Post-accident information can also prove the accident’s financial toll and help your lawyer assign an accurate financial value to your insurance claim or lawsuit.

Your Police Report Is a Vital Part of Your Case

Every piece of evidence your lawyer collects is important to your case. Your police report, though, can yield additional valuable information. It can tell your attorney:

  • Important contact details
  • The accident’s date and time
  • Road and weather conditions
  • Points of impact
  • The investigative officer’s notes
  • Witness statements

Your lawyer will obtain a copy of your police report for you to substantiate your case. Your lawyer will also use its details to contact and interview any witnesses who came forward.

Obtain Your Ongoing Medical Records

After the accident, your medical records will also play an important role in your case. They will contain details on your injuries and their causes. They will also include bills for the cost of your necessary care.

Medical records can be difficult to obtain on your own for the following reasons:

  • Each health care provider and facility will have its own records and bills. That can make compiling them all complicated and time-consuming.
  • Your medical care can be long-term or short-term. That can mean requesting medical records over and over until your post-accident medical care is complete.

Your lawyer will obtain these for you. They will also request copies of your written prognosis to understand the medical care you will require after your case has been settled. This is important because not understanding your post-settlement costs could lead to a settlement that does not fully cover your medical expenses.

Gather Proof of Your Loss of Income

When your injuries or the recovery process keep you from working, you can recoup your lost income from the at-fault driver. Proving the value of your income losses is important.

Your lawyer will help you compile:

  • Paycheck stubs
  • Direct deposit receipts
  • Tax records
  • Electronic pay data
  • Online invoices

Compile this information for all sources of income including full-time and part-time work, gig economy income, and business ventures.

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If you or someone you love were injured in a motorcycle accident, the information you obtain from the at-fault party is crucial. It will help your attorney prove the cause, effects, and costs of the accident. Share any information you collect with our motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

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