What Should I Do at the Scene of a Motorcycle Accident?

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The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. You may be confused and unsure of what to do next when you are still at the accident scene. These initial steps you take could significantly impact the outcome of your motorcycle accident insurance and civil claims.

Some of the most important things you should do at the scene of a motorcycle accident include the following:

You can reach out to our personal injury team at Schiller & Hamilton for help holding the liable party accountable for their negligence.

Steps to Take After You Leave the Scene of a Motorcycle Accident

Immediately after your motorcycle accident in South Carolina, you may be overwhelmed by what you just went through. It is important to stay calm and levelheaded as you deal with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. There are specific steps you need to take if you hope to protect yourself both now and in the future, and you can do several of them while at the motorcycle accident scene. Here’s what to do:

Call Emergency Responders

The very first thing you do after you have been in a motorcycle crash is to call 911. When you get in touch with dispatchers, they will ask you questions about the accident and your injuries, the injuries of any other involved parties, and send police and emergency responders to the accident scene.

Even if you initially feel fine or think you have suffered only seemingly minor injuries, calling 911 and having emergency responders and law enforcement officials sent to the accident scene will allow you to obtain valuable evidence immediately after your motorcycle accident.

Begin to Document the Accident Scene and Collect Evidence

Next, if your injuries are not debilitating or severe, you should do what you can to document the accident scene and obtain evidence to support your case. Some of the evidence you might look for while you wait for emergency responders to arrive at the motorcycle accident scene include:

  • The contact information of any witnesses
  • Notes of any homes or businesses nearby that could have caught the motorcycle accident on their surveillance systems
  • Photos of the motorcycle accident damages
  • Photos of the residual property damages
  • Photos of the motorcycle accident victim’s injuries
  • The insurance and contact information of the other involved parties
  • Video footage of the accident scene

When the police arrive, they will likely ask you questions about how the accident occurred so that they can establish liability. Law enforcement police and crash reports will prove to be valuable evidence to support your case, particularly if they name the liable party as such in their official reports.

Obtain a Medical Evaluation

Next, you need to get a health care provider to examine you. It is more common than you think for motorcycle accident victims to suffer shock after the accident. All the adrenaline coursing through your body may prevent you from feeling the enormity of your injuries. You might feel fine now, but if you do not obtain a medical exam and your injuries go untreated, they could become worse.

But that is not all. If you do not update a medical evaluation immediately after the motorcycle accident, you are giving the liable party an opportunity to avoid financial liability. The defense will likely argue that your injuries did not occur in the motorcycle accident in question. Instead, they may try to assert that your wounds must have occurred another way or during another accident. After all, you did not receive a medical evaluation immediately after the accident.

When you see a health care provider immediately after the accident, it gives you a trail of evidence right from the start. A medical professional’s initial examination notes and diagnostic test results will show the severity of your injuries as well as the treatment you need to heal. Make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions and complete all of your treatment. Doing so can also help your case.

Every single medical expense can be recovered through your motorcycle accident claim. This should include not only your initial ambulance pills or hospital fees but also your prescription medication costs, your mental health counseling, the cost of medical equipment and devices, and essential future medical care.

How Our Injury Lawyer Can Help After You Leave the Motorcycle Accident Scene

After the accident happens, a new phase begins, and this is where our motorcycle lawyer can help. When you become our client, we can:

  • Investigate the accident and gather evidence that helps us understand what happened (e.g., police reports, crash scene photos, video footage, witness statements, etc.)
  • Name all liable parties, even those not on the scene, such as a motorcycle manufacturer, tire maker, or a government entity responsible for the road and traffic signage where the crash occurred
  • Assess your financial and non-financial losses and determine how much compensation you can recover
  • Handle negotiations with the liable party’s insurer and request fair compensation for you
  • File a lawsuit on your behalf and seek recovery in court if we cannot settle your case
  • Meet all important legal deadlines in your injury case, including South Carolina’s statute of limitations
  • Regularly update you on all developments

Our motorcycle accident attorneys will protect your rights and interests while you take care of yourself and focus on getting better.

Call Us for Help from Our South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After your health care providers have cleared you medically or as soon as you can contact an attorney, you should do so. Our motorcycle accident lawyer could prove an invaluable resource in helping you bring the liable party to justice. Knowing what to do at the scene of a motorcycle accident can help your case in various ways, including having the evidence we need to build your compensation case.

Schiller & Hamilton’s legal team can lead your case and take care of every detail. This way, you can heal from your injuries while still seeking the compensation you are entitled to. Our firm offers an initial no-cost, risk-free consultation to motorcycle accident victims across South Carolina. Call us today to get started.

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