Wet Floor Accidents in Rock Hill

When it comes to the risk of a slipping and falling, few hazards are more dangerous than a wet floor. Many businesses open to the public have flooring that becomes slippery when wet, making it vital that the owner or operator takes care to address spills or standing water right away.

The unfortunate reality is that many business owners fail to take the basic precautions needed to avoid someone slipping on their property. This is true in cases if the original spill is not cleaned up, as well as if notice of standing liquids is not provided to patrons. A dedicated slip and fall injury attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could assist with legal action following wet floor accidents in Rock Hill.

Common Causes of Wet Floors in Rock Hill

It is not unusual for these accidents to occur as the result of spilled liquid. From spilled drinks to leaky pipes, any type of liquid on a hard surface could cause a risk of injury. Falls are especially likely in cases where the liquid is clear or hard to see. Water can be difficult to detect on a floor depending on its color, and a person could quickly fall and suffer an injury through no fault of their own.

Often, these accidents occur due to the failure of the property owner to address a spill in a timely manner. The lack of diligence could allow a spill to remain on the ground for an extended period of time, which greatly increases the chance of a fall.

Not all fall accidents occur due to the failure to clean up a spill in time. In some cases, the appropriate response after learning of a standing liquid is to notify the public of the hazard. This typically involves placing “wet floor” signs around the spill until it can be cleaned. The failure to notify the public of a wet floor hazard could result in a Rock Hill civil lawsuit if an accident occurs.

Making a Case for Fault after Slipping on Standing Liquid

A fall has the potential to cause severe, life-altering injuries for those involved. As serious as a wet floor accident can be, not every fall will lead to a viable case for monetary compensation. These incidents only result in a personal injury case if negligence is involved.

Property owners have an obligation to protect their guests from most hazards. This duty requires an owner to actively seek out dangerous hazards on the premises. In other words, ignorance of a standing liquid does not excuse the owner or occupier of the property from liability. Ultimately, Rock Hill property owners must take reasonable steps to prevent injuries caused by a wet floor slip and fall accident. This means cleaning up wet floors and notifying visitors of the present danger.

Reach Out to an Attorney about Wet Floor Accidents in Rock Hill

If you have suffered injuries after falling on a standing liquid, you deserve legal counsel that will aggressively advocate on your behalf. A legal team at Schiller & Hamilton could help you hold the property owner accountable for your accident. You do not have to deal with the aftermath of a wet floor accident in Rock Hill alone. Call our office right away for a confidential consultation.

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